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What do You Value When Planning a Trip?

There are several factors that go into deciding on your destination for a trip. You really have to decide what is important to you and your family. How relaxed of an environment are you looking to experience? Do you want to have a kitchen where you can cook your own meals, or do you want to be able to go out to restaurants every night? Do you want to plan all of your own activities or would you like to have a concierge taking care of all of the details and you just get to show up and have fun?

Planning Your SAP Solution Manager Journey

You can take that line of thinking and make it an analogy for what you value when making a decision about the platform you would like your SAP Solution Manager to live on. Instead of your family, you are looking at what’s important to your company.

Do you have members of your team that want to configure Solution Manager, or do you just want to be able to use the tools? Do you manage your own hardware or are you hoping to have a partner manage that for you? Do you have the time to implement the software yourself, or do you want to be able to establish a connection to your partner and start leveraging the software in a short amount of time?

We explore this topic further in our webinar: 3 Destinations for Your Solution Manager Voyage: Which is Best for You? We examine The Staycation (on-premise), The Hotel (Infrastructure as a Service), and The All Inclusive (Software as a Service). We talk about these three different destinations for your Solution Manager journey, the pro and cons of each, as well as some reasons why you may want to choose one over the other. NTT DATA Business Solutions can be your travel agent on your Solution Manager journey and help you reach the destination of your dreams.

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