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NTT DATA Business Solutions | August 29, 2018

Business Process Optimization Smooths the Way for your Digital Journey

Optimized business processes help to smooth digital transformation

What’s all over the news today in the world of technology are the ‘disruptive’ technologies: Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Internet of Things, Blockchain.  That’s because these are clearly game-changing technologies that will be key for staying competitive in the digital economy.

But while your teams focus on digitizing the business with these new technologies, it’s also important to keep an eye on foundational activities in your core business systems. By making sure your existing business processes are optimized, you’ll ensure that your business is well positioned for its digital journey.

It’s never a good day when the business is the first to inform IT that there are issues causing financial leakages such as orders being shipped and never billed. Proactively diagnosing issues through a health check allows IT to work with the business to rectify broken processes before they become a major issue.

After going live with SAP, some businesses perform technical upgrades, but rarely find the time to review business processes to ensure they are running optimally.  Some signs that your SAP business processes are delivering sub-optimal performance include:

  • Orders were shipped, but not billed
  • Production orders are overdue for delivery and not closed
  • Blocked items for payment in accounts payable (cash discount loss)
  • Product deliveries have overdue invoices
  • Bank statement items have not been fully posted

So, how can you address these challenges?  Smart companies are figuring out ways to keep the business running as efficiently as possible, while constantly monitoring and looking at opportunities for improvement. By doing so, they free up internal resources and budget that can be applied to those disruptive technology projects that are so important for future success.

For many IT organizations, it comes down to resources:  spend time working on transformative projects, or monitoring existing business processes?

That’s why NTT DATA Business Solutions developed the Business Process Health Check. This low-cost, non-intrusive virtual service can be delivered as a one-time option, a benchmark against your peers or as a managed service subscription.  You have the flexibility to select the option that works best for you.

The Business Process Health Check uses a structured methodology to provide custom business process optimization recommendations, using the actual transactional data from your systems.

  • Virtually interrogate business transactions
  • Highlight ineffective business processes
  • Identify practices causing business disruptions
  • Benchmark against peers in similar industries
  • Create a roadmap sequence and prioritize recommendations
  • Provide a next-phase project plan

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Download our e-book, Optimize Business Processes for your Digital Journey, to learn more about why optimizing foundational business processes is crucial for a successful digital journey.

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