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Ryan Kubec | November 16, 2016

Simplify Collaboration with Customer Self-Service

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Has your sales staff ever received a call from a customer asking: “What is the status of my order?” or “When will my product be shipped?” These are some of the most frequently asked questions by customers and chances are, your sales staff has answered those very questions multiple times in the last hour.

How much time each day is spent looking into the status of customer orders? What other value add activities could they be engaged in if they weren’t looking up order status? Answering these questions and more helped guide the design of it.customer portal.

You may be asking – how does the it.customer portal answer these questions for my customers? it.customer portal is a customer self-service solution designed for mid-market enterprises. Built with SAP’s latest UI5 technology, your customers can access their information from anywhere on any device; allowing those order status answers to literally be at their fingertips.

Aside from fielding constant phone calls, businesses face additional challenges as it relates to communicating efficiently with their customers. These include:

  • Constant contact between sales staff and back office teams on orders and availability
  • Re-generation and sending of confirmations, shipping documents, and invoices
  • Downloading and sending lists or spreadsheets of outstanding orders to customers
  • Processing of manual inquiries
  • The challenge of real-time updates and data synchronization
  • Middleware and interfaces to 3rd party portal applications

Many companies are looking for ways to overcome these challenges to improve customer service and satisfaction while still being cost effective.

it.customer portal was specifically designed to not only solve these challenges, but also to reflect the needs of businesses and customers in a B2B sales environment. Robust dashboards, customer analytics, and real-time insight into orders are possible because the portal is built entirely inside of SAP ERP. This eliminates the need for middleware, complex interfaces, and data synchronization. In essence, you are providing your customers a window into the end-to-end order to cash process.

Currently the solution is comprised of six applications with the highlight being the Customer Dashboard.  From the Customer Dashboard, your customers can manage quotes and orders, receive communication messages, update contact information, review outstanding payments and, most importantly, track the status of their orders.

With the order tracker, it is easy for customers to quickly view all open orders, only shipped orders, or only invoiced orders with the ability to download a spreadsheet of each. Additional information –including product descriptions, images, and dimensions – are available through the product fact sheet, Active tracking numbers make it easy to see the live location of your customer’s order.

Together, the applications and features available in the it.customer portal put the power to answer order and status questions into the hands of your customers.

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