Platform as a Service: The Basis of Your Digital Transformation

In the digital age, it is crucial to be able to roll out new applications and processes and integrate them into IT landscapes as quickly as possible. Platform as a Service (PaaS) and the SAP Cloud Platform provide you with the key.


React to Market Demands Faster with PaaS

Never before have business models, processes, and information been as individualized and prone to change as they are today. Nor have businesses needed to react to new demands so quickly. Platform as a Service provides the technical basis for this.

In contrast to Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), you are provided with more than just the hardware. On the other hand, unlike Software as a Service (SaaS), you do not simply receive pre-set, and therefore less flexible, software. Instead you receive the entire infrastructure and services that enable you to develop, roll out, and operate your own tailored applications – straight from the cloud.

Connect Directly to Other IT Systems with the SAP Cloud Platform

With the SAP Cloud Platform, you quickly and easily adapt your IT systems to the needs of other departments, without extensive use of resources. By using standard APIs, you can connect directly to the IT systems of your business partners, without the need for complex modifications. In this way, you are able to create continuous processes that go beyond the boundaries of your company.

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SAP Cloud Platform: Unrivaled Business Application DNA Delivered as Platform as a Service

Extend, integrate, or build new standalone, next-generation applications with the SAP Cloud Platform. This report gives you useful tips about how to prosper with the SAP platform as a service solution.

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State-of-the-Art Platforms – Essential to Economic Survival Today

In the digital age, you can no longer progress without technology like the SAP Cloud Platform.

Klaus-Christoph Müller, Director Global Business Solutions

Platform as a Service – We Have the Right Solution for You

Three Reasons Why You Need a Digital Business Platform

1. SAP Cloud Platform Is the Future of SAP

SAP S/4HANA and all new developments from SAP are based on the SAP Cloud Platform – and not just cloud solutions, but all on-premise solutions, too. So whatever the future of your IT landscape, you need to know about this platform and its capabilities if you use SAP solutions. Extensions to existing solutions will also require this new architecture.

2. Digitization Can Only Work with a Cloud Platform

Digital transformation is fundamentally and permanently changing how companies work. Businesses need to be able to react much faster to the market as well as try out new business models and processes – without having to launch extensive IT projects. Only a flexible platform like the SAP Cloud Platform allows for fast development and testing of new solutions to meet sudden, company-specific requirements. Since important central functions such as user administration and backend integration are provided as standard, you can concentrate on your own innovations.

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3. It Enables You to Connect with Other Businesses

In the past, many companies operated relatively autonomously. Today, however, more and more products are developed together with customers.

The ability to open up your business to external organizations and work with partners within integrated IT systems is becoming an increasingly important business advantage. A standardized, open platform breaks down business boundaries to enable easier collaboration.

Areas of Use for SAP Cloud Platform

Develop New Applications

The SAP Cloud Platform doesn’t just form the technical foundation for an IT landscape; it also serves as a development environment for cloud software and on-premise solutions.

The SAP Cloud Platform includes many predefined services that enable you to rapidly develop new applications that fit seamlessly within your existing IT. For example, with little programming effort, you are able to use the SAP Fiori UX, integrate support for mobile devices, and connect your new application to the central authorization management system.

This agile development approach is crucial in the digital age. To ensure your business’s continuing success, you need to be able to deploy and adapt applications much faster than before.

Extend Cloud Solutions

Above all, the standardization of Software as a Service results in cost advantages. The disadvantage of SaaS, however, is that there are limits to how far software from the cloud can be customized to your specific needs.

PaaS changes this. The SAP Cloud Platform allows you to develop a range of your own extensions to cloud solutions – such as SAP SuccessFactors, SAP Cloud for Sales, or SAP Ariba.

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Extend On-Premise Solutions

Cloud solutions will not replace conventional on-premise systems completely. However, new developments can still be migrated to the cloud and are thus able to use modern technologies.

With SAP Cloud Platform development tools, you can equip legacy systems with new functions. In this way, you gain new opportunities, such as using SAP Fiori to modernize the user experience of an SAP ERP system, making older solutions accessible via smartphone and tablet, or connecting to entire business networks in the cloud.

SAP Platform as a Service – Suitable for All Demands

SAP customers can smoothly and successfully switch to the SAP Cloud Platform – even if they have specific additional requirements.

Klaus-Christoph Müller, Director Global Business Solutions

Benefit from a Range of Tools and Services with PaaS

As a PaaS product, the SAP Cloud Platform offers a range of services that simplify and accelerate the development, rollout, and operation of your own applications. Services include:

  • Integration services: You can connect in-house developments to existing cloud-based and on-premise solutions from SAP and other providers. There are also interfaces for external systems, such as shared business networks like Ariba Network.
  • SAP HANA support: All applications developed using the SAP Cloud Platform can use SAP HANA database where necessary. Your applications are then equipped for the age of big data, thanks to in-memory technology.
  • User management and authentication: Role and authorization management, including single sign-on, can be integrated into the user’s own developments without significant additional programming.
  • Mobile and UX: The services and tools provided make it easy to equip your own applications with the SAP Fiori interface, allowing for more convenient mobile access, for instance. In addition, there is no need to develop and maintain multiple applications for different devices and operating systems.
  • Security: SAP ensures the highest standard of data protection and data security.

NTT DATA Business Solutions: Experts in Platforms as a Service and SAP

As an SAP innovation partner, we are always in touch with SAP Cloud Platform developments. From the outset, we have been involved in the development of SAP HANA and SAP S/4HANA. We have built up extensive knowledge and a team of specialists who are competent in all aspects relevant to the platform.

Our experts in SAP Cloud Platform’s underlying technologies, such as Java, HTML5, and SAP Fiori are available around the clock, worldwide. We also develop our own platform solutions that can be quickly and easily integrated into your cloud architecture and offer you extensive Application Management Services (AMS) for your SAP cloud solutions.

How Our Customers Benefit from us

Royal Herkel

To gain more insight into future demands and in order to become more flexible, Royal Herkel implemented SAP S/4HANA in 2019. As a result, the company saw the turnover of their products grow by more than twenty percent in 2020.


As part of the digitalization strategy, the development of a digital services roadmap helps to create new service offerings for customers and to position DENIOS as a leader in the market.

Kingspan Group

The implementation of SAP SuccessFactors Succession Management solution enabled the HR team and managers from Kingspan Group to continuously identify, nominate, develop, and retain high performing talent.


Thanks to SAP S/4HANA Cloud, ESL can now enjoy significantly enhanced performance and also quick data access in real time. The complex project was completed successfully on time and within budget, so that the first go-live could be announced after just 3.5 months.


With the integration of SAP Cloud Platform and the cloud-based application, SAP Sales Cloud, at KLAFS customer relationships are strengthened, sales opportunities are identified at an early stage and revenue is increased on a lasting basis.

Mercury Engineering

The implementation of SAP SuccessFactors solution enabled the compensation team and managers from Mercury Engineering to follow standardised and robust planning processes for conducting employee salary reviews and rewards in a consistent and transparent way.

NTT Data

SAP SuccessFactors was implemented to streamline payroll processes, improve workflows to stakeholders, and manage and standardise people processes in a single platform.

SAP SuccessFactors at NTT DATA Business Solutions

Implementation of SAP SuccessFactors in 28 countries with more that 10,000 employees in order to introduce group-wide international HR processes. Read more.


Together with NTT DATA Business Solutions, Ceyoniq could implement SAP S/4HANA Cloud as their new ERP system in only six months and as a special project highlight, only four sub processes required slight adjustments.


With the introduction of SAP Sales Cloud and SAP Cloud Platform Integration, Synthomer's sales people now have an ideal tool for day-to-day business, as customer data is available online and offline.

How SAP HANA Cloud Platform Enables Live Business

Do you have lots of ideas on clever business cases to implement? And, the only gap to be filled is how to map them technically?

In his first vlog, our expert Simen Huuse shows you how SAP’s Cloud Platform supports you to put your ideas into practice.

How SAP HANA Cloud Platform Supports the Internet of Things

In his second vlog, Simen Huuse is talking about a completely new designed architecture, a unique combination of hardware and software.

See for yourself how – together with a web-based development environment – it will connect the external world with your ERP system.

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