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Mission Statement

itelliWIN (Women’s Initiative Network) endeavors to impact positive change for gender equality at NTT DATA Business Solutions. Empowering women through allyship, mentoring, and enablement to propel their growth and development. Fashioning future leaders by focusing relevant topics that impact not only women at NTT DATA Business Solutions, but women globally. We aim to produce content and promote a culture of inclusion to benefit both our female employees and NTT DATA Business Solutions as a whole by leveraging itelliWIN to continue to improve upon our current business practices.

Activities and Events

Ted Talks

The TED Talk program guides active discourse that influences gender equality, well-being and empowerment for females at NTT DATA Business Solutions. We meet virtually to discuss a TED Talk, share ideas and implement further action. We created this program to allow women to hear each other, to vocalize ideas and topics that are important to them in our world.

International Women's Day

International Women’s Day on March 8th is celebrated annually to bring awareness to the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. The day also serves as a call to action for accelerating gender equality. At NTT DATA Business Solutions, we celebrate this day with our allies internally and externally by hosting events that bring awareness through celebration and collaboration. We actively promote the annual UN theme and bring content to our employees through various channels and empower everyone to be better stewards for equality on this day and throughout the year.

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Mentor Program

The mentor program helps connects leaders at NTT DATA Business Solutions with individuals seeking career advice, networking capabilities, and general guidance. The focus of this program is to build a trusted relationship that can help enable and propel personal and professional growth for women at NTT DATA Business Solutions.

Professional Speakers

The professional speaker events provide an opportunity to bring female leaders from outside the NTT DATA Business Solutions organization to discuss topics that impact women in their professional and personal lives. The goal of these events is to provide additional resources, career guidance, and sense of community to the women at NTT DATA Business Solutions.

Meet the members of the itelliWIN Steering Committee

Megan Brys

Megan Brys started her career at NTT DATA Business Solutions in 2017 as part of the Accelerated Consultant Education (ACE) program. Prior to NTT DATA Business Solutions, she worked in the Healthcare Industry as a Registered Nurse for 5 years. She made a career change and began working for NTT DATA Business Solutions to explore her passion for professional services, information technology, and people. In her current role she focuses on running the sales, marketing, development, and delivery of NTT DATA Business Solutions’ intellectual property. Megan is dedicated to the people values of NTT DATA Business Solutions and helping it continue to grow and thrive in the future.

Megan lives in Cincinnati, Ohio with her husband and two dogs. When she isn’t working, Megan loves spending time with her family and friends and enjoys exploring the local breweries in Cincinnati. Megan has a passion for people and a drive to inspire change for a more inclusive world.

Learn more about Megan on LinkedIn.

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Ymene Kerby

Ymene Kerby is the Office and Special Events Coordinator at NTT DATA Business Solutions where she loves to help employees feel connected and part of the NTT DATA Business Solutions family. Ymene spent the majority of her career in the travel and hospitality industry, gaining experiences in areas such as corporate events and incentive travel programs. While the Office and Special Events Coordinator is her primary job function by day, Ymene also enjoys learning about languages, different cultures, and social issues in the world.

Based in Cincinnati, Ohio, Ymene is best known for her contributions to the Culture Committee, itelliWIN (Gender Diversity Committee), working with Senior Management and all local and remote employees on their needs and employee engagement.  She is known as the “go to person” to answer any questions or guide employees in the right direction. When she isn’t busy running the US Headquarters at NTT DATA Business Solutions, you can find her traveling, spending a lot of time outdoors, photography, being a huge part in her children’s lives, and enjoying her friends.

Learn more about Ymene on LinkedIn.

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Nicole Barattieri Zembrodt

Since 2010 Nicole has been working under the Human Resources umbrella; first as an IT recruiter, then as an HR Administrator/Generalist, and most recently in the HR Specialist Role for NTT DATA Business Solutions. She has been a part of the NTT DATA Business Solutions family since Sept 2019 and looks forward to a long career with this great company. From a young age Nicole has been surrounded by strong, and professionally successful women which helped in making her the gender diversity and equality advocate she is. Nicole looks at the areas of opportunity for women in the workforce with hope, optimism, and excitement about being a part of positive change.

A Cincinnati native, Nicole lives in Pleasant Ridge with her husband and 2yr old daughter. When she isn’t working she enjoys wine, craft beer, delicious foods, and Buckeye football (not necessarily in that order).

Learn more about Nicole on LinkedIn 

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Mary Uhrig

Mary Uhrig is the Recruiting Manager for NTT DATA Business Solutions, leading talent acquisition and a team whose strategy is to hire diverse and amazing SAP professionals. Mary has spent the last 20 years working with companies to recruit, retain and engage employees. Her career has taken her to various cities including Minneapolis, Chicago, and Cincinnati while currently residing in Philadelphia. Mary has worked for the American Red Cross, University of Chicago, U.S. Bank, Macy’s and other firms. Mary holds a BA from Penn State University, a Certificate in Human Resources Management from Cornell University, a PHR, CIR and CDR designations.

Mary lives in Philadelphia with her husband and two children and enjoys running, coaching and travel. Mary is passionate about creating a more equitable world for all and uses her position to bring more diversity to itelligence.

Learn more about Mary on LinkedIn 

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Shawnee Schauff

Shawnee Schauff is Vice President Marketing for NTT DATA Business Solutions and is the Executive Sponsor for the itelligence Women’s Initiative Network (itelliWIN). She joined NTT DATA Business Solutions in 2016 and leads a team of marketing professionals responsible for helping build demand and drive revenue for the organization.  Her 20+ years marketing technology solutions and services in a male dominated field fuel her desire to see more women in technology globally. She is excited to be part of a group that is helping inspire women to step up in their career and lead.

Outside of work, Shawnee lives in Northern Kentucky with her husband, daughter and two dogs. She loves to cook and is always looking for her next favorite book or show.

Learn more about Shawnee on LinkedIn.

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