Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging

At NTT DATA Business Solutions, we are committed to an equal and inclusive workplace, where all employees are valued and diversity is celebrated.

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International Women's Day 2022 – #BreakTheBias

March 8 is International Women’s Day (IWD) – a global day celebrating the cultural, social, economic, and political achievements of women. The purpose of IWD is to uphold those achievements, recognize challenges, and focus greater attention on women’s rights and gender equality.

International Women’s Day 2022 is all about breaking bias, because whether deliberate or unconscious, those biases make it difficult for women to move ahead. Therefore, NTT DATA Business Solutions became part of the #BreakTheBias movement. Together with NTT DATA, we’re crossing our arms to show our commitment: Calling out biases, fighting against stereotypes, accelerating equality, and rejecting discrimination.

We believe that collectively we can all #BreakTheBias – on International Women’s Day and beyond!

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We are not all the same. But we deserve the same opportunities.

Our Workplace Culture

Bringing together people from different backgrounds, with unique experiences and individual differences, creates a modern, dynamic, and innovative workplace. Many of today’s achievements and developments in IT would be unthinkable without diversity in the workplace.

At NTT DATA Business Solutions, we are aware the diversity of our workforce is a competitive advantage and accelerator for us as a company. Therefore, we are transparent with our people and continuously develop our environment and culture to ensure the differences of our employees are respected and valued. We believe that in addition to the acceptance and appreciation of differences, actual inclusion and a sense of belonging are critical to unlock the full potential of each employee.

A Workplace of Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging


Diversity is the tolerance, acceptance, and appreciation of all dimensions that people can differentiate from one another. Be it gender, age, culture, style, sexual orientation, or other characteristics that make people unique.


Inclusion is determined by a company’s behavior and cultural norms. It is about orienting towards individual needs to create a workplace with the right conditions and opportunities so that every single employee can express their opinion and develop their full potential.


Belonging is the true feeling of acceptance, inclusion, security, and support in and by your workforce because of your uniqueness and not despite it. Only belonging can create a real identification with the company and positive, lasting connections between employees.

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Diversity Management

The mission of diversity management is to increase, maintain and cherish the diversity of our workforce. Our focus is particularly on creating the framework and policies to ensure equal opportunities and prevent discrimination in our working environment. Driven by the strategic approach of our management, our diversity actions reach every employee. Therefore, everyone is called upon to work with each other in a responsible and sensitive manner. Diversity is not the task of one department, but the responsibility of every single person in the company.

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Valuing diversity creates a chance to shine for everyone. Seriously pursued diversity management establishes an environment where everyone feels respected and secure to bring their whole selves to the workplace.

Sandrine El Sauaf, Diversity Lead NTT DATA Business Solutions

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Diversity Numbers of Our Workplace

At NTT DATA Business Solutions around 11,500 experts with 64 different nationalities from 33 countries work together – behind these numbers there is a diverse group of people with their individual careers, experiences, soft and hard skills, who meet equally unique people among our customer base.

United by enthusiasm for IT, our employees support and enrich each other every day with their expertise. This way we not only create new ideas and realize innovative projects but also achieve the best and individualized solutions for our customers around the world.

Supporting Our People

Diverse Teams

At NTT DATA Business Solutions, we work in diverse teams including employees from all countries, age groups and genders. We believe that the diversity of our employees is one of the greatest advantages for us as a company. Because diversity brings together the best skills, unleashes innovative ideas as well as a wider range of perspectives on projects and thus the best solutions for our customers.

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Empowering Women in Tech

An important part of encouraging diversity in the workforce is to ensure gender equality. At NTT DATA Business Solutions, we offer men and women alike the chance to find their personal place in our company, so that they may actively shape the digital future and realize their individual goals. We as a company provide equal career opportunities, flexible individual career paths, as well as personal and professional support.

In the largest IT companies, around 20 percent of employees are female. We are actively working on increasing our female ratio, which is currently at a global average of 28 percent. As a company we want to drive change by encouraging women to take on IT positions and by advocating for female leadership. Besides mentoring programs and diversity development, highlighting inspiring role models is an important practice.

Read on and hear from female employees who have made a career at NTT DATA Business Solutions. They share motivational career paths, individual stories as well as personal advice for you.

Meet Our Global Women in Tech

Hear from Our Global Women in Tech

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We must turn away from a patronizing treatment of diversity, particularly with regard to gender equality. This is essential to truly appreciate the value of a diverse workforce. I am sure we can do it!

Dieter Schoon, Executive Vice President Global People

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