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Accelerated Consultant Education (ACE) Program

A five-year consultant training program that builds new hires into business experts.

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What is the ACE Program?

The Accelerated Consultant Education, or ACE Program, is a five-year consultant training program that builds new hires into business experts. This is a full-time position that includes:

  • An initial intensive three-month training program that includes a combination of instructor -led and hands-on learning followed by continuing consultant education.
  • The ability to practice what you’ve learned in the field, working with experienced professionals.
  • Ongoing mentorship: you will be assigned an experienced mentor who will guide and assist you throughout your early career with NTT DATA Business Solutions.

Meet An ACE Program Graduate

Meet Mike Mierke, a graduate of the Accelerated Consultant Education (ACE) program, and now a Solutions & Innovations Coordinator at NTT DATA Business Solutions. Learn why Mike came to NTT DATA Business Solutions and what it’s like to work here.

The Program Mission

The mission of the ACE Program is to prepare you to succeed technically and professionally as a contributing member of an NTT DATA Business Solutions consulting team. We use a structured learning environment to provide the appropriate level of training and resources in SAP functionality and methodologies, as well as development of interpersonal skills, to ensure you are well prepared to assist our clients and represent NTT DATA Business Solutions values.

What Do We Look For in a Candidate?

Our ideal candidates for the ACE Program will have these qualifications:

  • Recent graduate with a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Business Administration, Information Systems, Engineering, Computer Science or other relevant degree
  • Team player with the ability to work independently
  • Analytical, results-driven, solutions-oriented personality
  • Exceptional interpersonal and communication skills

Program Benefits

ACE Program participants receive a generous benefits package, which includes:

  • Work/Life Balance: including 20 days Paid Time Off (PTO); 25 days after 3 years; in addition to 8 paid holidays and 2 floating holidays
  • 401(k) with 4% matching, vested from date of participation
  • Health & Dental coverage
  • Company-sponsored cellphone plan

The ACE Program also offers an accelerated compensation structure, with significant salary increases every six months until you are a senior consultant.

ACE Intensive Training Program

The three-month intensive training portion of the ACE Program is comprised of three main pillars:

  • Business Process: different industries have their own processes and requirements that you’ll learn about for our core industries.
  • Consulting Skills: this includes training in soft skills, presentation skills, business acumen, networking and travel tips.
  • SAP Technical Skills: you’ll learn how to set up and configure SAP to meet various requirements.
  • *Mock Project*: you’ll have the opportunity to tie all of the above activities together in a safe, simulated environment where you will configure SAP for a mock company and go through all the phases of an implementation from blueprinting to go-live!

What Happens after Training?

Once you’ve completed the initial three-month intensive training program, you will receive mentorship and guidance to ensure your success in launching your consulting career. You’ll also have opportunities to “shadow” senior consultants so that you can learn by watching what they do. Continuous learning sessions are offered to expand and grow your knowledge over the course of the program.

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