Keeping Pace with the Technology Curve

Find new strategies for IT to move from being a service provider to a primary driver of business transformation and innovation.

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If You Want the Most Efficient IT, Finding the Right Technology Setup is a Must.

In the age of digitization, companies heavily rely on their IT landscape. Businesses are trying to find the most efficient digital setup and often incorporate all sorts of technological solutions. Terms like blockchain, AI or hybrid cloud landscapes can be heard everywhere. But the common phrase “a lot helps a lot” does not apply in this matter. Not to mention that businesses waste their valuable resources.

If you want to have a high-performing and future-proof IT landscape that makes optimum use of technology, you need to gain clarity of what you want to achieve. And you have to ask yourself how technology can help you in this process.

So, defining the right IT strategy which supports your business goals is crucial here. We assist you in persuading your organization that changes are essential and develop a clear concept of how and where improvements can be made. Afterwards, we help you to choose suitable technologies and integrate them at the right spots of your IT landscape. As a team, we will generate the greatest effects and enable your IT to operate in the most agile and productive way.

This approach sets your IT on a solid and secure foundation and brings true value for your business.

Ever Wonder Why IT Can Never Seem to Catch Up?

In an accelerating world, the key challenge for IT organizations is keeping pace with the rate of change. The fact is, technology is changing at a faster rate than our human ability to adapt, yet IT is expected to enable the business by adopting new technologies faster than ever.

In order to keep pace with the technology curve, IT not only needs to anticipate change, it needs to set the pace. Is your team ready?

Benchmark your IT

Insight + Flexibility + Acceleration = Success



Without insight, IT can’t understand what the business needs. Your team is seen as out of touch, and the business starts to move around you. You never catch up.


When IT has insight, it is out in front, taking full advantage of fast-changing technology to benefit the business.  IT is driving innovation.



IT is locked in with inefficient staffing, budgeting challenges and inflexible support contracts. You can’t adapt to changing business needs.


IT can easily adjust to business demands by actively managing resources to the needs of the business. You can invest exactly where resources and budget are needed to take advantage of new opportunities.



When IT falls into the gap between its capabilities and the demands of the technology curve, the business stops listening. IT is considered irrelevant, and the business starts to work around you.


IT is seen as a business enabler and an integral part of the business. Your team is prescriptive, anticipating business needs and bringing solutions to the table to solve real business challenges.


getting on the technology curve

Getting on the Technology Curve

For years, IT was able to stay ahead of change. But the gaps created by the accelerating technology curve are starting to show. It’s no longer enough for IT to just maintain the status quo; that’s a sure formula for falling further behind.

It’s clear that IT can no longer go it alone. You need a partner that can help enhance and optimize your operations and provide the right business insights to help your team keep pace. But not just any partner will do. Anything less than a true full-service partner leaves you short of the curve and falling further and further behind.

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Application Management Services Can Help You Get There

It’s increasingly difficult for companies, both large and small, to “do it alone” without support from external partners. The complexity and speed of change in today’s IT environment requires an effective melding of both internal and external IT skills and technologies if you want to succeed. In fact, according to a study conducted by IDC, best-run companies tend to rely on outside partners more than others.

Engaging a strategic application management services partner is crucial. Working with a partner that delivers a true full-service approach that flexes with your needs, and anticipates industry and technology developments, will help IT to set the pace of change and keep ahead of the competition.

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application management services

The Nature of AMS is Changing

Application Management Services has traditionally been viewed as a service designed to “keep the lights on,” playing an important role to increase operational efficiency, contain costs and free up internal resources. But in today’s fast-paced environment, simply “keeping the lights on” falls far short. This is why the AMS discussion is moving away from focusing on tactical efficiency gains toward finding a partner that can provide the necessary flexibility and ‘forwarding looking’ strategic capabilities to support business transformation and innovation.

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More Insights

Flexible Support Model

The NTT DATA Business Solutions support model is highly flexible and easy to consume. Our full-service approach to SAP support uses a value-based model that allows us to work as an extension of your internal IT staff, providing resource continuity that frees up internal resources to focus on more strategic activities. Our full-on application management services provide:

  • Industry Expertise: More than just technicians, we bring a qualified team with deep SAP experience and industry expertise to add immediate value for the business.
  • Scalability and Flexibility: A flexible staffing model allows your business to flex the mix of resources/skillsets over time as business needs change, ensuring full use of resources, with no idle capacity.
  • Predictable Support Cost: A value-based contract model provides deployment flexibility and demand-driven consumption, with level monthly billing and the ability to roll over unused capacity throughout the term of the contract.
  • Value-add Services: We provide more value for IT by reviewing new release enhancements/ functionality, with recommendations tailored to the needs of your business and industry, and aimed at keeping your business current on the technology curve.

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NTT DATA Business Solutions is Redefining SAP Support

As a leading SAP support provider, NTT DATA Business Solutions has redefined SAP support. We’ve introduced a new support model that is highly flexible and easy to consume. We understand the challenges that IT organizations face. Our extensive SAP capability, global operations and open access to a vast pool of dedicated SAP support resources – as opposed to mixed project delivery and support – across all applications, modules and technologies allows us to flex from the lightest of touch in steady-state operations through to full managed services during major transition projects and beyond.

We are here to keep things simple and allow our customers the flexibility and commercial management to meet their business objectives in a dynamic manner. The scope of our SAP support service portfolio, breadth of SAP expertise and NTT DATA Business Solutions intellectual property, combined with our managed cloud platform services allows us to truly be your local partner with global reach.

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Success Stories

Pisa Success Case – GUEPARDO Tax Software and AMS Suite

Headquartered in Norway, Pisa Group is a global leader in manufacturing paper for publications and is the second largest newsprint producer in the world. Currently, it has business units located in 11 countries, among them Brazil.

Ourofino Success Case – SAP ECC Sybase ASE, GUEPARDO and AMS Suite

Ourofino Agronegócio is one of the largest companies in the Brazilian market of veterinary products and is considered one of the most modern factories in this segment in Latin America. It is respected in the market for the quality of its products, for its innovative attributes and the way it…

Ourofino Success Case – AMS Suite

Ourofino Agribusiness is one of the largest companies in the Brazilian market of veterinary products and is considered one of the most modern factories in this segment in Latin America. It is respected in the market for the quality of its products and for its innovative attributes.

Demarest Advogados implements SAP S/4HANA, GUEPARDO and AMS Suite

Aware of the latest technology, Demarest Advogados implements SAP S/4HANA and revolutionizes tax management with the GUEPARDO Tax Software

Image Kamps GmbH
Kamps GmbH

Proactive application support, end-to-end system monitoring and a flexible support model by NTT DATA Business Solutions ensure that Kamps benefits from outstanding performance and security within daily business.

Duracell success story

NTT DATA Business Solutions establishes a cloud-portable testing automation platform leveraging SAP’s Solution Manager as part of Duracell’s journey to Business Suite on HANA

Elektror airsystems

Application Management Services not only relieve the workload of Elektror employees, but also make use of economies of scale.

Zinpro success story

Zinpro wanted an ERP that would grow as its own operations expanded, and knew their current platform was not robust enough to provide that infrastructure.


Together with NTT DATA Business Solutions, Ceyoniq could implement SAP S/4HANA Cloud as their new ERP system in only six months and as a special project highlight, only four sub processes required slight adjustments.


With the introduction of SAP Sales Cloud and SAP Cloud Platform Integration, Synthomer's sales people now have an ideal tool for day-to-day business, as customer data is available online and offline.

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