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Frank Heintzmann | October 31, 2019

Using Fit-to-Standard Workshops in an SAP S/4HANA Cloud Implementation

Using Fit-to-Standard Workshops in an SAP S/4HANA Cloud Implementation

The first article in my blog series addressed the agile SAP Activate method and the various phases of implementing SAP S/4HANA Public Cloud in general. In this blog post, I would like to focus on the core aspect of introducing the new software in the company: the “Fit-to-Standard” workshops, which take place during the explore phase. These workshops allow cloud solutions to be implemented in the company more quickly and cost-effectively as compared to conventional on-premises systems.

Efficient Implementation By Means of Preconfigured SAP Standard Processes

As described earlier, one of the advantages of S/4HANA Public Cloud is that it can be implemented quickly by using the SAP Activate method. Project runtimes of four to five months are not unusual. The speed depends to a significant degree on how well the customer’s business processes match the accompanying preconfigured best practice processes of SAP. In order to check this, customers can access test scripts, tool lists, and other aids via the SAP Best Practice Explorer, for example, and thus benefit from SAP’s knowledge of standard procedures.

Objective and Procedure of Typical Fit-to-Standard Workshops

But let’s get to the Fit-to-Standard workshops: Their main objective is to introduce the functionality of best practice processes in the company while also identifying existing gaps and documenting them in the backlog list. In the case of simple topics, the workshop may be over after just fifteen minutes. When the issues are more complex, it is not uncommon for us to spend a whole day talking to our customers. In each workshop, key users from the relevant business units of the company discuss and agree the predefined scope items in cooperation with NTT DATA Business Solutions. In this process, we align the preconfigured standard processes with the requirements of the various specialist departments step by step: from controlling and professional services all the way to sales. If the standard processes cover the requirements in the company without additional adaptations, the scope item is checked off on the to-do list.

Backlog List as a Result of the Fit-to-Standard Workshops

In case changes are required or the standard processes do not cover all areas relevant to the customer, we put the topic on the backlog list to be addressed again. The more closely the customer’s company processes are based on SAP standards, the shorter the backlog list. All entries on the list are checked by the project team as part of a further analysis to help understand how the gap can best be closed.

Live Business Case Study: The Fit-to-Standard Workshops at Ceyoniq

We recently completed the “explore” phase at Bielefeld-based ECM solution provider Ceyoniq Technology GmbH, a subsidiary of KYOCERA Document Solutions Inc. Carrying out the Fit-to-Standard workshops provided confirmation that the business processes at Ceyoniq are already very close to the standard. A total of just four items were on the backlog list after the workshops. In this case, the SAP Activate method once again proved its worth as a fast and efficient implementation method. You can find further information on the Fit-to-Standard workshops in my vlog.

My 2nd Vlog: The Fit-to-Standard Workshops

If you want to find out more about the types of companies for which SAP S/4HANA Public Cloud is suited, watch my vlogs. Along with the blog articles, I will provide a series of vlogs in which I offer additional information about S/4HANA Public Cloud and keep you up to date on the progress and important details regarding the implementation of S/4HANA Public Cloud at Ceyoniq Technology GmbH in Bielefeld.

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