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Satyavrat Rastogi | October 21, 2020

SAP Sales Cloud New Features – Smarter and Faster

SAP Sales Cloud

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In the past two years, there have been significant improvements to SAP Sales Cloud. The solution has grown smarter and faster, allowing your sales team to spend more time building relationships and engaging with customers. As a result, Gartner recently named SAP a Leader in their 2020 Magic Quadrant for Sales Force Automation.

Since everyone is busy in their day-to-day work, it is easy to lose track of SAP’s efforts to evolve SAP Sales Cloud in every quarterly release. The purpose of this blog is to provide information about some unique features that have been added to SAP Sales Cloud since the 1902 release.

Intelligent Sales Execution (ISE)

SAP acquired Datahug, a leader in intelligent forecasting and pipeline management, in 2018. No separate licensing is required for this solution, which provides the following functionality:

Pipeline Manager
This solution allows your sales team to easily maintain the pipeline hygiene, visualize opportunities and risk, and keep them up to date via inline editing.

SAP Sales Cloud pipelline manager

Pipeline Flow
Pipeline flow enables sales managers to visualize and inspect slipped opportunities, find the reason for commit opportunities that got lost, and see trends like commit success.

SAP Sales Cloud pipeline flow

Forecast Tracker
Forecast tracker allows users to take the forecast process out of a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet and manage real-time forecast value in a graphical and intuitive way. Users can perform simulations for what-if analysis, override forecast categories/submissions, and review both bottom-up and top-down analyses before submitting.

SAP Sales Cloud forecast tracker


Other Sales Cloud Features

  • If a customer wants an earlier order delivery date, the sales representative now has the ability to select a different distribution center (plant) in C4C Order or Quote, at the header/item level to see if it benefits. The sales representative does not need to go to the back-end system to change the plant in order to get better stock availability results.
  • Prepackaged integration is now available to create B2B leads from landing pages in SAP Marketing Cloud.
  • Users can now view and add parties of opportunities in one screen. This saves time, since the user does not need to navigate to Teams, Competitors, or Sales Partners facets. This new view also allows you to add related contacts and to maintain document-specific addresses or communication lines.
  • Automatic tasks, appointments and phone calls can now be added and assigned based on the various field values of the opportunity.
  • Sales representatives can now set a status, reason for status, and competitor at the item level. This allows them to capture deals correctly when the overall engagement was Won, but a few product lines were not included in the final sale.
  • Users can now add products to the opportunity from proposed product recommendations. In addition, users can also replace a product with proposed up/down-sell products.
  • Often the expected opportunity value and the primary quote value vary, resulting in incorrect projections in the sales forecast. SAP Sales Cloud can be configured so that the expected value from a primary sales quote updates the connected opportunity.
  • If the quote status is set to Won, the system can be configured to automatically set the linked opportunity status as Won. This helps ensure that opportunities reflect the correct statuses.
  • If it is difficult to determine the account for an opportunity, the opportunity can be created without the account, which can be added in a later sales phase.
  • Quotes and order margin health can be protected by triggering approvals if the profit margin is below a threshold or the discount goes over the agreed limit.
  • The SAP Sales Cloud extended app comes with a specialized keypad that makes it easier to take orders on smartphones, with a reduced number of clicks.
  • Sales reps can now receive push workflow notifications on their mobile devices. Clicking on the notification will navigate them to a particular object in the application.
  • Caller ID is now supported in mobile devices, so that sales reps are able to see the name of the contacts that were created in SAP Sales Cloud.
  • Users can click the phone number to dial from Lead, Opportunity or Account. The mobile app will automatically create the phone call activity and associate it with the transaction from which the party was called.
  • The native mobile app is enabled with SAP Conversational AI and SAP Leonardo for ML. Before visiting a customer, sales reps can ask, “What’s the latest on Customer X”, and the app will pull up the required information.
  • Mass editable worklists and inline editing makes it easy to keep transactions updated. For example, users can change the owner and sales phase of multiple transactions in one action. There is no need to navigate to the detail screen of each transaction, do the editing, then go back to search the list to open another transaction. This saves a lot of time for sales reps.
  • Planned for an upcoming release: KanBan board-styled tiles for My Opportunities.
  • The new Safira theme has different color patterns and provides a modern look and feel, along with improved efficiency through click reduction.

SAP Sales Cloud Saphira


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