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Christine Turner | August 15, 2017

SAP Releases New Optimization Tool: Pathfinder


This year, during SAPPHIRE, SAP released a new tool for customers: SAP Innovation and Optimization Pathfinder, or Pathfinder for short. Pathfinder is used to assist customers with optimization of the products that they currently use and innovate with new items. It is a customer specific, tailor-made report highlighting innovation potentials, business processes, and IT optimizations.

What is SAP Pathfinder?

Pathfinder works in your SAP ecosystem to automatically:

  • Outline specific improvements and innovation opportunities based on your current core SAP ERP system usage, as well as business and IT performance.
  • Provide recommendations to optimize your SAP solutions, from a line of business and IT perspective, to help you implement software and cloud innovations using relevant SAP Enterprise Support or SAP Services offerings.
  • Generate interactive reports which navigate you to relevant information, services and tools – free of charge for customers on ALL SAP maintenance models.

There are two key prerequisites needed to run Pathfinder. You have to be on SAP Solution Manager 7.1: Support Pack 12 or higher; and you have to be running EWA reports in enhanced mode (with key business figures).

Currently, it is a contractual requirement of all SAP Maintenance customers to have an EWA report, but not with the enhancements. We can help you with the set-up of the EWA enhancements.

Why Use SAP Pathfinder for Optimization?

We believe this report tool could be an opportunity for customers to leverage analytics, optimization, and innovation enhancements for their systems. This report takes a technical view of the software and makes recommendations. You will get to explore the value of the SAP solutions, receive tailored guidance and recommendations for your system, and, consequently, realize the full potential of your investment with your SAP Software and Support.

Learn More

Still have questions about what Pathfinder can provide for your organization? Take a look at a sample output report here. And, of course, if you do have any questions or want to implement SAP Pathfinder in your ecosystem, please contact us at any time and we will be happy to assist you.