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Bob Meyer | January 4, 2021

3 Lessons on Survival and Success During Uncertain Times: Why You Need a Commerce Cloud Solution


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We’ve all learned invaluable lessons from the COVID-19 pandemic. For most industries, business changed quite literally overnight. Maybe you were suddenly faced with the challenges of a remote and reduced workforce; maybe there was a sudden surge in demand for your product, or perhaps suddenly none at all.

And then there are the unique complications that arise along the way, throwing a wrench in processes and models that once worked well.

Before COVID-19 arrived, we all knew how disruption could quickly transform the landscape of an industry. And if we didn’t know it before, we know it now: the ability to successfully pivot is the difference between your business surviving (and hopefully thriving) and ceasing to exist.

The good news is that it’s not all doom and gloom; even in a rapidly changing world, you can position your company for success, growth, and evolution. Here are three lessons that we can all take to heart no matter the circumstance, but especially now and in the days ahead:

Lesson #1: You need to realize your full digital potential.

There are still companies today that push back on the necessity of utilizing robust digital tools. Leaders within your company need to be open-minded, ready to innovate, and always looking forward. With a remote workforce, embracing top-notch digital tools is a non-negotiable.

When it comes to enterprise cloud solutions, this means user-friendly design, device compatibility, and nothing but excellent online customer experiences. There is no reason why your company should settle for a less than 5-star experience in any of these categories, especially when exceptional and cost-effective solutions are available.

Lesson #2: You need the ability to pivot with the least amount of resistance.

Especially in recent months, we’ve seen large national companies and local small businesses alike struggle to get by or stay in business at all. At the same time, impressive pivots have occurred; there has been some truly impressive and inspiring creativity throughout industries.

Companies that survive and thrive are staying nimble; they’re ready to embrace change and serve the needs of their customers, and they implement solutions in days or weeks, not years.

How can you apply this lesson and execute these strategies within your own company?

Follow the path of least resistance. You need commerce solutions that are scalable at a moment’s notice and responsive to your needs. You need to be able to speed up your time to market, offer no-hassle shipping, easily create sales and promotions, and provide personalized recommendations to offer the best possible experience for your customers.

Lesson #3: Your commerce solution must be a well-oiled machine.

Inefficiencies and pain points throughout your business are tough on a good day, but many of us have them and have even adapted to making things work anyway. The truth is that solving some of these paint points may simply not be a high priority, but we’ve seen that systems that weren’t working well before the challenges brought on by COVID-19 (for example) are likely to be even more challenging now. And this is not only true for the pandemic, but for any disruption that may come your way.

You need a commerce solution that’s not just “good enough” when skies are blue, but one that’s ready to help you weather any storm.

Introducing the Quick to Value Commerce Cloud

Our Quick to Value Commerce Cloud checks all the boxes, and making the switch is easy. Tech teams will love how easy it is to not only integrate into your existing ERP system, but to implement in day-to-day operations. The ready-to-use web implementation ​template and product content management allow you to quickly and easily add products, catalogs, and much more, and the cloud-based system effortlessly scales with your business.

Quick to Value Commerce Cloud is designed for your customers and your team. Download our fact sheet to learn more.

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