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Zeni Thakkar | January 25, 2017

The Omni-Channel Customer Experience


omni-channel commerce

What is an omni-channel customer experience and why does it truly matter?

Many of you have heard the term omni-channel and how it’s important for you to provide an omni-channel customer experience, but you really don’t know what the term means or if it is really so important. I will try to explain the term in a simple manner.

In order to understand omni-channel commerce, you need to first understand multichannel commerce.

What is multichannel commerce?

Multichannel commerce is giving users the ability to buy products via various channels. These can include emails, social media, website, and brick and mortar stores.

In the case of multichannel, the user experience is different across these various channels. Meaning, where icons are located on your webshop could be different when user access your site via a computer versus a phone. Also, navigating between screens could be different in order to complete the transaction.

What is omni-channel commerce?

With an omni-channel customer experience, all of the channels have a consistent look and feel. Whether you are accessing the webshop from a phone or computer the icons, screens, navigation, etc. are all the same. This makes the buying experience so much easier and less frustrating for the customer. This, in turn, raises the probability that the customer will make a purchase, no matter which channel they are using to access your webshop.

omni-channel customer experience

These are basic examples of the difference between a multichannel and omni-channel customer experience. The channels may be the same, but the experience is different. Multichannel commerce experiences tend to be disconnected and not very user-friendly. Omni-channel commerce experiences offer a consistent message and seamless transition between various channels. It truly is in your best interest to provide an omni-channel customer experience to make the buying process as easy as possible and ensure you make your sales goals.

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