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Bret Applegate | September 2, 2020

Achieve a Customized and Cost-Effective Cloud Migration Strategy for your SAP Applications

cloud migration strategy

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Businesses are increasingly moving their SAP-centric workloads away from traditional hosting and in-house data centers to the cloud. However, many businesses lack the highly specialized cloud architecture and cloud migration planning skills needed to leverage cloud functionality at its fullest. Knowing where to start, how to migrate, and what options to choose can be half the battle. A full cloud assessment of the SAP solution landscape is an efficient way to understand the best cloud migration and transformation process for your business.

Knowing Where to Start is Key

Insufficient planning is one of the main reasons that SAP cloud migrations become painful for the organization. Knowing where to start in building a strategy is key, and should include considerations such as:

  • Re-skilling and up-skilling in-house resources
  • Assessing and prioritizing workloads
  • Converting outdated systems and workloads to match cloud requirements
  • Understanding the costs involved, including cloud capacity, billing cycles and costs to train employees
  • Analyzing whether a private or public cloud solution is the best fit for your business
  • Determining whether or not your current applications are ready to be moved to public cloud, and if not, creating a plan to efficiently implement required prerequisites

Every business has a unique journey to cloud adoption, yet every business wants to exploit its full potential and avoid risks like incompatibility, data loss, money loss, security breaches, and major business disruption. This can only be achieved with know-how expertise, accurate view of existing and future IT landscapes, and a customized migration strategy.

A Full Cloud Assessment Can Help

A full cloud assessment can provide your business with a complete understanding of the choices you’ll need to make, educate your team on required processes, and ensure that your SAP cloud migration will address both current and future needs. NTT DATA Business Solutions offers a Cloud Migration and Transformation service that includes a full cloud assessment of your as-is SAP solution landscape, complete and cost-efficient cloud design, and automated discovery.

Taking the time to complete a full cloud assessment will benefit your business in a variety of ways. You’ll have a better understanding of the SAP workloads, systems and integration points, which can be helpful in making sure you are only purchasing the capacity you need. You’ll also improve the skills of your internal team by taking advantage of proven migration methodologies and leveraging highly skilled resources with deep cloud knowledge to reap all the benefits that come from a successful cloud migration.

To learn more about our Cloud Migration and Transformation solution, download our solution brief.

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