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NTT DATA Business Solutions | August 3, 2017

Are You Using SAP to Drive Business Transformation and Unleash Innovation?


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Add value with strategic outsourcing and an SAP Center of Excellence. Drive business transformation and unleash innovation.

When you implemented SAP, your solution met your organization’s needs and requirements at that point in time. Maybe you’ve been running your system for a while, and it’s performing adequately, with predictable support and maintenance requirements, and an acceptable level of stress on IT resources.

But business needs have changed since your implementation. There may already be warning signs that your system and resources are struggling to keep up with the new requirements for business.

The fact is, it’s no longer enough to merely perform – now, you’re being called on to transform. Focusing on maintenance and support doesn’t cut it in today’s dynamic business environment.

Don’t Get Stranded – Get Strategic

Our increasingly hybrid technology landscape requires IT organizations to ensure consistent service delivery while managing a complex portfolio of hardware, software and services. On top of all that, the business demands that CIOs and their teams make a strategic contribution. You have to enable business transformation and create the foundation for innovation.

How do you know if your IT organization’s structure and process maturity are up to the task? See if you can honestly answer these key questions:

  • How do my SAP support costs compare to others?
  • Is my team able to contribute value-added activities to the business?
  • How does my organization benchmark against high performers?
  • Are my “run” costs in line or over budget?
  • Does our value-add significantly outstrip our budget?
  • Are we able to keep pace with the rate of change in our industry?

Strategic outsourcing with a managed services partner can help you answer these questions and set the stage for successful business transformation. While internal IT and business teams have the business knowledge, the external partner brings you distinct SAP technology skills, best practices, and industry solutions expertise that help you and your team take it to the next level.

Maximize Your SAP Investment with a Center of Excellence

The Center of Excellence (COE) brings business and IT talent together and applies industry best practices to create added value, enable innovation, and go from performing to transforming.

A successful SAP COE:

  • Reduces operational costs through Incident and Problem Management
  • Unifies IT skills and processes with the business
  • Actively looks for value opportunities and builds in ROI by design
  • Recognizes increased capacity for enhancement and optimization
  • Helps you anticipate industry changes and market shifts
  • Increases value from SAP

This approach also supports faster learning curves for internal IT teams, and naturally opens up opportunities for them to focus on more strategic, transformative projects.

Innovate or …

As technology plays an increasingly important role in the business, CIOs and IT leaders are focusing a growing share of resources on innovation. Managed services and support partners can provide the flexibility to support internal teams in keeping up with changing business requirements. The NTT DATA Business Solutions SAP COE Advisory Services Program helps IT leaders understand how best to improve their organizations’ IT value focus and establish the roles, responsibilities, processes and tools that deliver faster time to value.

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