Dieter Schoon

Executive Vice President Global People

Dieter Schoon studied psychology and labor law at Bamberg University. He embarked on his professional career in 1992, when he initially joined Gemini Consulting, which was later named Cap Gemini Ernst & Young. He was a human resource and organizational development consultant.

In 2000, he became the German head of human resources and organizational development as well as marketing in the newly established strategy consulting firm Cell Consulting. In 2003, Dieter Schoon accepted an offer in Dresden, where he assisted the senior management of Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) with its human resource and organizational planning of the new microchip plant Fabrik 36.

In 2004 he became director of human resource management with at NTT DATA Business Solutions AG (back then itelligence AG) in Bielefeld. Since that time Dieter Schoon has been responsible for the company’s HR worldwide and is in charge of its strategic and operational staffing issues.

In the beginning of 2015, he joined the Global Leadership Team as Executive Vice President Global People. Today he is responsible for the people team worldwide at NTT DATA Business Solutions AG.

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