Update from NTT DATA Business Solutions on the Coronavirus (COVID-19)


With heightened tensions and uncertainties relating to the Coronavirus outbreak, the health and well-being of our employees, customers, partners and communities remain paramount for NTT DATA Business Solutions. Our Executive Team continues to meet to evaluate the ongoing situation and determine the most appropriate operational approach.

As the corona virus is spreading, we are monitoring the situation closely.”

Norbert Rotter, CEO NTT DATA Business Solutions AG


Continuity of Service during the Coronavirus

For work that can be delivered remotely, such as support, managed cloud services and some consultancy services, NTT DATA Business Solutions benefits from having a workforce that is geographically distributed and equipped such that any employee could work from home and many do so permanently.

We are very proud of the relationships that we have built with our customers. We know that many of you rely on NTT DATA Business Solutions to augment and extend your own SAP teams. You can be confident that NTT DATA Business Solutions can provide continuity of service during this volatile period. We have a large SAP Support Team who is integrated with our global operations to provide access to 10,000 resources. We have a mature and proven global delivery model that can be used to mitigate local challenges in almost any geography.

Acting Responsibly and Proactively

We will continue to closely align our operations with guidance from the World Health Authority (WHO) and will act accordingly to ensure the well-being of our employees and to guarantee our customers reliable support and service throughout this challenging period.

In the last weeks, guidelines based on advice of the WHO, aligned with NTT and NTT DATA have been sent out regularly by our People department. (…) The well-being of all of you is our first priority.”

Norbert Rotter, CEO NTT DATA Business Solutions AG

In many cases, there will still be a requirement for in person meetings and we will continue to work as required with continual reference to both WHO guidelines and our own Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Where customers have specific policies in place, we ensure we will work with our account and project managers being informed of such.

When facing such challenges, it’s key to stay calm, make rational decisions and act responsibly for each other.

Any concerns regarding your current project? Any questions about our taken measures? Our customer support will provide you with all relevant information.


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