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Hello, I am Rafael Miranda, UX team lead at Itelligence UK and lately I showcased one of our customer’s SAP Fiori app in the SAP Fiori Makers call, a learning community for design-driven application developers. In addition to this blog where you get previews and summaries of the covered SAP partner projects, we will meet virtually once a month and showcase examples of successfully implemented SAP Fiori projects. Check out the SAP Fiori Makers webpage for more details and register to not miss out the next call in July.

A case study on how SAP Fiori can introduce dramatic user experience improvements

NTT DATA Business Solutions has been a partner with Smyths Toys since 2013 after taking responsibility for supporting their SAP landscape. Since then, NTT DATA Business Solutions has been working with Smyths Toys to drive their IT Transformation programme and align operational efficiency with SAP innovation.  A key element of this included SAP user experience (UX) improvements.  A recent UX project focused on the buying team at Smyths Toys to introduce business efficiencies and improve the way buyers interacted with core SAP systems.

A review of the buying role and the interaction with core SAP applications was conducted.  To do their job effectively, buyers had to run many transactions in many different systems to get to the information they needed.  This involved multiple spreadsheets, duplication of effort and access to the core data was difficult to access outside of the office.

It’s a kind of magic

The results of the initial assessment were featured at the “Build Your Own Fiori App” workshop at the SAP AppHaus in Heidelberg, Germany.  This workshop brought together a community of Smyths Toys representatives, NTT DATA Business Solutions UX Consultants and SAP UX consultants, and was ultimately where the “magic” began.  At the onset, Smyths Toys had created their own giant Excel worksheet with all the data needed to outline the scenario. To initiate an agile approach to solving the buyer’s issues, we introduced a design thinking methodology that reviewed requirements and recommended a collaborative development process. 

The first step in the design thinking process was to create a persona:  A typical buyer with all the problems mentioned above. After the persona was defined and the mindset enumerated, we specified all the actions needed and the numerous pain points. Then we narrowed down the real needs for the app using the expertise of the NTT DATA Business Solutions UX consultants. The first white board designs showed a lot of great ideas! After a few more iterations, we had created some high-fidelity prototypes. Now, we had even better ideas! 

The Smyths Toys’ team were impressed with the finished prototypes, and asked to move to the development phase of the solution, and the first real app started to take shape. Post workshop, NTT DATA Business Solutions continued their user-centered design methodology and incorporated further input from users, the IT team and the Management team.  This led to iterations of Fiori design with end user interaction at the centre of development. Leveraging this key stakeholder input led to the Fiori app being approved and implemented at Smyths Toys.

Here’s what Rob Wilson, CTO of Smyths Toys Superstores, had to say:

Just wanted to say thanks for arranging the Fiori workshop/prototype in Germany for Smyths.  We all lernt loads and are excited about what this could deliver to Smyths to make our SAP system more user friendly for the business.  The SAP event was very Google in style which was interesting to see.”

Rob Wilson, CTO – Smyths Toys HQ

Image of Smyths Toys UX project


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