Getting the most out of Microsoft Power BI with training from NTT DATA Business Solutions

Microsoft Power BI…  It’s a powerful tool, IF you can use it properly.

Our trainer, Karen, has got under the bonnet of Power BI to prepare a course that will truly help your team wield this technology properly to deliver demonstrable results.

Each of our trainers has, on average, been delivering training at NTT DATA Business Solutions for 15 years’ and came to us as practised trainers. From this experience comes a level of knowledge, not just in terms of course content but also teaching principles. They REALLY understand the technology and are able to impart this knowledge to delegates that attend their courses.

Top 5 Features of Microsoft Power BI

We asked Karen to list the top five features she’ll be covering in her new Power BI course.

1. Quick Data Insights

Users can create subsets of data and automatically apply analytics to that information. It’s important here to understand the quirks of Power BI to ensure you are applying intelligence to your data so you truly get valuable insights.

2. Customization

Developers can change the appearance of the default visualization and reporting tools while importing new tools into the platform.

3. Making it user-friendly for non-analyst end users

Not all of us love playing with data, but we do want the insights. Power BI dashboards can legitimately be created for non-analysts.

4. Data is more accessible

Power BI was built to integrate with Microsoft tech, such as SharePoint documents or SQL databases. But it enhances non-Microsoft solutions, too. In fact, Power BI currently connects to 60 common software solutions your business already uses and pulls data into a centralized, easy-to-digest dashboard.

5. Robust Access Control & Security

Power BI sets up access control through Active Directory (AD), the same control panel your organization uses for other Microsoft solutions. Power BI is different because of row level security, which allows your team to grant and rescind access on a very controlled level.

Get the most from Power BI

It’s time to get more out of Power BI. Register for the NTT DATA Business Solutions Power BI training so you can truly get more business insights out of the product. View the course overview here.

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