Take Full Advantage of Your SAP Estate

SAP Enterprise Support is proactive support designed to help you take full advantage of your SAP estate by minimising risk, accelerating innovation and addressing application lifecycle management.

With NTT DATA Business Solutions as your SAP Platinum Partner we can help you to maximise your consumption of the remote services which are included with SAP Enterprise Support, enabling you to identify risks before they become issues as well as implement, operate and innovate better.




Technical Quality Checks

Technical Quality Checks (TQCs) are a free remote service from SAP available to Enterprise Support customers which help to reduce technical risk and outline optimisation potentials.

Key Benefits:

• Cut down on time and budget for implementation and innovation
• Improve system performance, availability, stability and data consistency
• Proactive hands-on help by SAP
• Comprehensive set of technical quality checks available
• Quality checks to avoid critical situations in the future – active risk mitigation

NTT DATA Business Solutions can add value by recommending the TQCs most likely to provide benefit to you based on your current landscape and functionality. NTT DATA Business Solutions will facilitate the ordering service and can assist you to review results and implement changes.

Implement Better

TQC for Implementation

Guides you to a smooth start-of-production and technically robust operation of your SAP software solution. Ensures a smooth go-live, even in a complex system landscape.

• Minimising risks to the software solution during the going live phase
• Increasing technical stability for all investigated systems
• Holistic view of the software solution

TQC SAP Going Live Support

Establishes close contact between your project team and SAP Support to ensure a smooth start of production. Provides system monitoring for immediate reaction in case of unforeseen incidents during your go-live.

• Minimise potential risks of critical go-lives
• Monitor system during go-live phase
• React quickly to issues, due to fast access to SAP expert knowledge
• Increase technical stability, performance, throughput, and maintainability of your solution

TQC Data Consistency Management

Optimises the return on the customer’s investment in SAP software by protection against unforeseen costs caused by data consistency problems.

• Transactional Correctness Analysis:
o ABAP-programs or interfaces based on ABAP-technology are analysed for transactional correctness. Ideally the analysed ABAP-program is a custom report in order to provide additional benefit for your specific implementation
• Basic Data Consistency Analysis via GSS DCM:
o A data consistency analysis of business objects (e.g. Sales Orders or Customer Master Data) is prepared using functionality of the Guided-Self-Service for Data Consistency Management (GSS DCM), which is available in SAP Solution Manager. Based on the information that is provided in the service questionnaire you receive a list of reports or transactions that can be executed in the managed system in order to start a detailed analysis of the reported incident
• Interface ad-hoc monitoring

TQC Interface Management

Optimises the return on the customer’s investment in SAP software by protection against unforeseen costs caused by interface problems.

• Interface analysis:
o Critical interfaces are analysed for stability, performance and throughput and recommendations to improve the mentioned areas are provided to ensure smooth and reliable data flow. The technical focus should be on interfaces based on ABAP-technology
• Interface ad-hoc monitoring

Operate Better

TQC Early Watch Check

Analyses the components of the SAP solution, operating system and database to determine how to optimise performance and keep total cost of ownership to a minimum. The results of the analysis and the actions necessary to optimise the solution’s performance are listed in a final report and/or SAP Solution Manager.

• Eliminate costly performance bottlenecks
• Improve response times and, as a result, acceptance by end-users
• Make optimal use of hardware investment
• Substantially reduce the risk of costly downtime

TQC Business Process Performance

Analyses and optimises the performance of business processes.

• Optimised response times and throughput: Accelerates business process steps so you can meet internal business requirements and external deadlines
• Increased productivity: Increases throughput of inefficient process steps and leverages the productivity of your users
• Optimal use of hardware resources: Optimal performing transactions generate less load on the system. Existing hardware resources are able to process higher data volumes. Planned investments could be postponed
• Increase in end-user satisfaction: Staff spends less time on non-value-added activities

TQC Technical Performance Optimisation

Helps configure your system optimally. The identification and elimination of costly performance bottlenecks optimises the response times and throughout of your SAP solution

• Processing of increased business volumes with existing hardware and without further investment
• Increased productivity and stability
• Higher acceptance by end users
• Optimised use of your hardware resources to make the most out of your investment
• Reduced risk of costly system downtime
• Knowledge transfer from SAP to your technical experts
• Detect critical situations early and trigger proactive error handling and problem solving
• Avoid unplanned downtime

TQC Data Volume Management

Helps reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO) by minimising database size and/or monthly data growth of SAP systems and SAP system landscape solutions.

• Increased System Availability:
o Reduces the time needed for managing disk space. While disk space is getting less expensive, management is not. Managing disk space can take 10 hours or more per GB per year. If an enterprise is experiencing a 30% annual growth rate, the amount of time it spends managing the data will double every 3 years
o Increases availability because administration tasks like software upgrade, database reorganisation, data backups, or recovery can be done in less time
• Better Use of Resources:
o Benefit from more efficient use of resources such as hard drives, memory and CPU
o Reduce need to buy additional hardware to tackle increased database volumes

TQC SAP Security Optimisation

Comprises a system analysis and the resulting recommendations for system settings.

• Decrease the risk of a system intrusion
• Ensure the confidentiality of your business data
• Ensure the authenticity of your users
• Substantially reduce the risk of costly downtime due to wrong user interaction

TQC Business Process Operations

Optimises the return on customer’s investment in SAP ERP software (Cross Application of BPA is available for all ABAP based SAP Applications), by identifying optimisation potential for the customer’s core business processes.

• Stabilise and improve your core business processes
• Gain transparency about your core business processes
• Learn in which organisational areas you:
o Could speed-up and streamline your most critical business process
o Could improve service levels
o Might need to train your end-users to follow intended procedures better
o Could improve your daily operations
o Could improve data accuracy with regards to planning, availability check and reporting
o Could improve data consistency
• Automate your daily monitoring tasks (technical and application-related)
• Support the organisational interface between business and the IT department
• Lower your Total Cost Of Ownership (TCO)

TQC Transport Execution Analysis

Measures transport strategy, gives important indicators for the quality of your software change management process.

Detailed background information about software logistics and technical configuration is extracted from your systems. The extraction includes technical indicators like TMS settings, support package level, short dumps, transport errors, modifications, and transport consistency. These indicators are compared against average and recommended values. As a further result, SAP will provide detailed recommendations on how to improve the quality of your software change management process.

TQC SAP OS/DB Migration Check

Accompanies the migration of and SAP system from one operating system to another. Manages the risk, prepares a smooth migration, and ends with high availability and high performance of your new operating system/database.

A well laid-out, easy to follow plan, based on experience with thousands of migrations, leads you through migration successfully. It prepares your SAP Business Suite solution so it runs with optimal performance, availability and maintainability after the migration.
• Efficient, technically robust operation of your new operating system and/or database is achieved with minimum cost
• Your migration project is accelerated to get a quicker return on your investment
• Expensive system downtimes during the migration are minimized
• System resource usage is optimised to make the most of your IT investment
• Infrequently required migration expertise is outsourced

Innovate Better

TQC SAP Upgrade Assessment

Performs a detailed technical analysis of your core SAP system to support this planning process.

Based on customers’ experiences, SAP has identified six key upgrade focus areas that need to be considered in the planning phase to ensure a smooth upgrade project. The SAP Upgrade Assessment evaluates the complexity and criticality of your specific SAP system with regard to these upgrade focus areas.

As a result of this service, customers receive a list of prerequisites, potential technical risks and issues, and best practices that should be considered and managed when upgrading the production system. In addition, the service will outline the potential effort drivers for the project. In case of SAP ERP systems, it will also provide a high-level estimate of the development efforts expected for adjusting modifications and custom developments.

TQC for Upgrade

Ensures that your SAP solution continues to operate efficiently in the new software environment by acting proactively before technical problems can occur.

Prevent unforeseen costs before, during, and after the upgrade.
• In the upgrade preparation phase, the technical quality check for upgrade service plans for the reliability of future system resources and detects challenges early—before they lead to costly problems
• Benefit even further after the upgrade, with optimal use of your system resources

TQC SAP Downtime Assessment

Minimises downtime during an ABAP system update, and is valid for technical upgrades of SAP systems, enhancement package.

• Identify the appropriate upgrade strategy
• Archiving proposals
• Upgrade parameterisation
• Technical optimisation advice

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