SAP Digital Innovation with seamlessly integrates SAP digital technologies with design thinking agile services.

The New Reality with SAP Digital

Never before has there been so many opportunities for organisations to re-imagine and re-define their processes and become a truly digital business. From smart devices, machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) through to block-chain, big data, analytics and the Internet of Things (IoT), there are already a wide variety of SAP digital use cases that tap into new data sources, gain new insights and improve operational efficiencies.

Re-imagine your Industry:

Manufacturing and Production:
  • Streams from shop floor machines combined with environmental condition sensors, worker productivity measurements and production output data can be fed through machine learning algorithms in order to deliver efficiencies such as predictive maintenance and improved job scheduling. This approach can also be used to highlight opportunities to improve productivity through better training or operating procedures.
Distribution & Logistics:
  • Sensor data correlated from vehicle locations, pallets, goods and employees, boosting the efficiency of the logistics chain
  • Sensors that correlate flight data with luggage and passenger location, optimising logistics chains and offering targeted, customer-centric services.
  • Intelligent field equipment that receives data from weather, soil and seed sensors, helping farmers plant the right crops at the right time in the best location in order to ensure the highest yield.
Professional Services:
  • Machine learning applications and AI platforms that build your intelligent foundation from automating payment matching in finance, intelligent job matching in HR through to gathering, analysing and responding to feedback in Customer Services.
Financial Services:
  • Modern Data Platforms and advanced analytics to provide greater customer insight supporting extreme personalisation and the ability to react to change faster
  • Wearable devices that report on patient metrics, helping clinicians identify life-threatening conditions or suggest behavioural changes that could improve a person’s health.
Public services:
  • From embedded road sensors that monitor traffic, air pollution and highway conditions through to block chains capable of reducing fraud and improving purchasing.
Energy and environmental:
  • Connected sensors and applications that allow businesses to centrally and securely control devices and the energy they consume for greater cost savings and enhanced sustainability.

The SAP Digital Innovation System

SAP brings new technologies and services together in a single digital innovation system to help businesses power their digital transformation. It makes it easy to innovate with new technologies, integrate into business and scale seamlessly as the company grows.

Our methodology requires a different type of customer engagement that integrates new technologies, new services and SAP expertise to help you realise your digital ambitions. brings together the latest SAP technologies:

  • SAP Cloud Platform serves as the foundation for all SAP technologies. It allows organisations to innovate quickly on this open, in-memory cloud platform.
  • Use IoT technology to connect things with people and processes, and take advantage of the Industrial IoT and the Internet of Everything (IoE).
  • Embed easy-to-consume machine learning capabilities into the organisation and take advantage of machine-based intelligence.
  • Deploy analytics and data management solutions across the business to uncover better insights and develop new processes and apps based on intelligence.
  • Connect to, process, manage and store a wider range of data than ever before from any source, structured or unstructured.
  • Get expert help with design thinking such as solution ideation, rapid prototyping and business case development.
  • Embed block chain services into applications to speed up transactions and increase trust, visibility and security.
  • Connect insights from anonymised data with digital intelligence to help solve business problems, monetise data and more. - Making the Impossible, Possible

Are you trying to solve complex business issues, discover new opportunities or define new ways of working that were once deemed impossible? Our team presents the method, process, tools and insight to realise your ambitions. Our new approach to delivering SAP projects seamlessly integrates future facing technologies and capabilities with design thinking services. Focusing on specific business issues, we combine creative thinking with the latest SAP technology to drive an agile, iterative process from strategy through to execution and connect people, things and businesses. in Action at Smyths Toys

We all learnt loads and are excited about what this could deliver to Smyths to make our SAP system more user friendly for the business. The SAP event was very Google in style which was interesting to see.

Rob Wilson, CTO – Smyths Toys HQ

Discover more about the SAP UX Project at Smyths Toys

Our Approach to SAP Digital Innovation Design Services

Our projects are founded on creative ideas and business outcomes to introduce a new digital reality for your organisation;

Solution Ideation & Vision

Global NTT DATA Business Solutions design thinking centres and access to SAP Global Design Centres

Rapid Prototyping

Bringing innovative ideas to life and building on them

Technology Blueprint

Create a technology roadmap, identify dependencies and minimise risk

Business Case Development

Create, test, iterate and refine business cases for ROI and strategic value Design Thinking

Our flexible and collaborative design thinking approach will engage with the business and IT to solve complex business problems in design-led ways, leveraging SAP digital innovation technologies. Our global SAP knowledge and our SAP digital experts will introduce new concepts and create a powerful catalyst for change.

Design Thinking has 2 guiding principles: i. User empathy: the process and outcome is based on the situation, pain points and needs of the involved user(s).  ii. Rapid Prototyping: drawing or sketching a rough idea of how the solution may look, can be hugely valuable. Sharing the prototypes with the users provides valuable feedback on the potential success of your solution. This approach results in significantly increased collaboration between business users and IT which in turn delivers higher user adoption and satisfaction. We adopt a user-centric approach with creativity and co-creation, and translate the individual user needs with context mapping, data design, sprint reviews and prototypes through to implementation and support.

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