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Cloud-Based SAP SuccessFactors: Optimise Your Workforce for Today and Prepare it for Tomorrow

Attract, develop, motivate, and manage your entire workforce with software as a service: flexible, scalable, and unique – just like your business.

Turn Purpose into Performance. SAP SuccessFactors Cloud HR Software Lets You Put People at the Centre of Your Business

SAP SuccessFactors is an integrated cloud HR software that can help you not only to manage your workforce more effectively but transform your entire human capital management by delivering employee experiences in moments that matter.

To keep ahead of the competition, you need the best talents motivated and working at their full potential – and that means providing them with the best employee experience from onboarding through to hopefully retirement. But how can you win the talent war, keep employees fully engaged, and prepare your workforce for the future?

SAP SuccessFactors is the cloud-based HR software that provides you with all the necessary tools and best-of-breed technology to unleash the full potential of your people and prosper in the digital era.

HR Transformation with SAP SuccessFactors at Warwick University

For a university of our size and international reputation, the recruitment and retention of the best people is mission-critical. SAP SuccessFactors will support our hire-to-retire process and help us engage with our staff using modern, intelligent and easy-to-use tools which, we believe, will have a major impact on the employee experience.

Gillian McGrattan, Human Resources Director, Warwick University.

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Overview of SAP SuccessFactors Features

  • Core HR & Payroll
  • Talent Management
  • Onboarding process development
  • Continuous Performance Management
  • Compensation modelling
  • Career & Succession Planning
  • Learning & Development
  • SAP Workforce Planning
  • Powerful Analytics
  • Social Collaboration & Employee Self-service

Why choose SAP SuccessFactors Cloud HR software?

The Employee Experience

A consumer-grade and engaging user experience with a modern interface for all users across all devices.

Workforce Analytics

Embedded metrics, HR analytics tools, and insight needed to make better business decisions in real time.

Quick Start & Recognition of Value

Flexible deployment and ability to grow as your business needs. Plan, imagine and design your HR landscape getting up and running within 6 weeks.

Workforce Transformation

Innovative experience and intuitive solutions with intelligent services as machine learning enable rethinking HR processes like performance management, employee diversity, and inclusion, total workforce management, health, and well-being.

Data & Process Integration

Built-in integrations to the SAP portfolio to connect HR to the broader business, including SAP HANA data platform and SAP S/4HANA Cloud and optimise data extraction from the entire organisation.

Global Community

Deep alliance with SAP user groups globally and a trusted partner with over 30 years of experience in delivering human capital management solutions through over 6000 certified consultants.

Accelerate your HR Transformation with it.talent management Ready-to-Run

NTT DATA Business Solutions has developed the SAP SuccessFactors accelerator, it.talent management Ready-to-Run, to help customers realise the benefits of digital technology. it.talent management Ready-to-Run takes advantage of best practices learned throughout years of experience in HR transformation projects and presents a ready-made business blue print that allows the rapid adoption of SuccessFactors.

Pre-configured SuccessFactors templates
it.talent management Ready-to-Run’ pre-configured templates and Business Processes describes all the work of an HR department, process by process from Recruiting to Performance Management to Compensation and everything in between.

HR Process library
Immediate access to an extensive library of 250 pre-built Process Maps designed to integrate smoothly with the SAP SuccessFactors solution. The HR process library is the result of 15 years of real-world experience in HR transformations and is continually updated by the Global Practise.

Digital Adoption Platform
The built-in user guidance offers an engaging experience for all users. The template has functionality allowing inline help and scripted guidance for a faster and easier SuccessFactors deployment. This can reduce or even eliminate the need for training as part of the implementation process.

The Business-Ready Approach to HR Transformation

Our value engineering approach fast-tracks your time to value with a business-ready framework that enables you to get up and running on SuccessFactors rapidly:

  • Pre-delivered best practices, tools and content
  • A Global template that is easy to adopt and easy to scale
  • Pre-configured with Pre-defined content
  • Business Process Library maintained centrally
  • Fixed implementation timeline
  • Remote delivery model resulting in limited deployment costs

it.talent management Ready-to-Run

A ready-made business blue print to allow the rapid implementation of SAP SuccessFactors enabling greater velocity to value.

Download the it.talent management Ready-to-Run solution brief.

it.talent management R2R for Higher Education

it.talent managementR2R for Higher Education is our packaged Human Experience Management (HXM) solution built on more than 15 years of experience of Global HR rollouts and partnerships with over 30 universities.

The low-risk, rapid implementation approach powered by SAP SuccessFactors HR Cloud best practices, offers a fast time to value with up to 90% pre-configured templates that are specific to higher education.

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NTT Data Business Solutions is ready to support your business

  • With over 250 certified highly skilled consultants, 15+ years’ of HR experience and references across many industries.
  • We understand that implementing a new HCM platform is only one part of making HR a success. We ensure that all five areas of transformation – process, organisation, master data, enabling technology, and key performance indicators are addressed in our HR projects.
  • We adopt a holistic approach that is translated into a set of process maps that show best-practice for all HR administrative processes. A rapid realisation of value with SuccessFactors by combining our HCM expertise with global SAP capability.
  • With our SAP advisory services, solution discovery and design, implementations and rollouts, upgrades and enhancements, NTT DATA Business Solutions customers are leading the way in exploiting the new SAP Cloud HR software to deliver HR digital transformation and drive business alignment, optimising employee performance and building a competitive advantage through talent acquisition.

Recognised by SAP

NTT DATA Business Solutions has SAP-validated expertise in SuccessFactors, demonstrating skill and expertise as well as a track record of meeting customer needs.

SAP Workforce Management : Have You Already Heard About Ryan?

Ryan shows you how SAP SuccessFactors helps your company optimise talent and prepare for the future. Get to know SAP SuccessFactors, a compilation of scalable, modular talent management solutions that could help you find, engage, and develop the perfect recruit – Ryan. Let’s see how his career could unfold at your company…

Infographic Life of Ryan

SAP SuccessFactors Workforce Planning - an Overview

Only SAP SuccessFactors HCM Suite gives you the talent solutions, core HR, collaboration tools, and workforce analytics you need to produce, measure, and continuously improve your business results through people, every day

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