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SAP Information Lifecycle Management

Complete SAP information lifecycle support, from creation to destruction and compliance with legal and regulatory mandates

SAP Information Lifecycle Management (SAP ILM)

What is SAP Information Lifecycle Management?

SAP Information Lifecycle Management (SAP ILM) helps meet your data privacy obligations by automating data retention management. Auditing and reporting functions provide centralised management with rules-based retention policies to help minimise business risk.

An extra benefit of SAP ILM is the ability for organisations to archive data inaccessible and searchable formats. With IT system landscapes continuing to grow in size and complexity, maintaining multiple diverse systems can be very costly and impair system performance. SAP ILM allows organisations to securely move data from older legacy systems to longer-term, less expensive storage but maintain access to archived data in a compliant manner.


The management and retention of information have become so important that an effective Information Lifecycle Management strategy is now an essential part of any organisation’s overall approach to General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance. A key requirement of GDPR is the ‘right to be forgotten” and ‘data portability’ involving the identification, blocking, deletion and archival of sensitive data. SAP ILM enables data to be archived from SAP ERP but also further supports blocking and deletion capabilities.

Why Organisations Who Want to Become Data-Driven Need SAP ILM?

  • Ensure legal compliance by automatically managing the retention of data from your SAP applications based on retention policies and rules you define
  • Reduce risk by delivering full auditing and reporting functionality, enforcing retention policies based on rules and destruction of personal data
  • Streamline IT infrastructure and lower costs through the safe, efficient decommissioning of redundant systems
  • Maintain archives according to retention policies and create archive files according to rule matching data values and expiration date
  • Perform e-Discovery with search functionality for information in response to legal requests

Key Product Features

Retention Management

Addresses the management of the data lifecycle up to the point of destruction.

Data Archiving and Data Management

Focuses on data-volume management. This includes securely moving data from completed business from the database to long-term, less expensive storage.

System Decommissioning of Legacy Systems

By moving data into a central information lifecycle management system with all retention management functions for legally compliant storage of data.

Why Choose NTT DATA Business Solutions?

  • We have the depth of specialist knowledge required to design, implement and support your SAP Information Lifecycle Management
  • We are a full SAP Service Provider with all the skills you would expect to effectively manage the data lifecycle and integrate SAP applications across your IT landscape
  • We have talented ILM consultants with the experience needed to meet your business objectives
  • We have the Industry, technology and domain expertise to move your GDPR strategy forward
  • Leveraging our extensive SAP Analytics and Data Management capability, we ensure your organisation’s SAP ERP processes and data challenges are scoped and prioritised with clear remediation activities
  • We have long-established partnerships with leading GRC providers to allow us to call upon specific expertise to support your compliance journey

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