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Complete, end to end cloud-native "data warehouse-as-a-service" which allows you to focus on getting value from your data


What is SAP Data Warehouse Cloud?

SAP Data Warehouse Cloud (DWC), part of the SAP HANA Cloud family, combines best in class in-memory technology with a range of data engines to offer high-performance processing of all your information needs. Being cloud-native, it also scales elastically, starting small and growing with you.

Combine and consolidate information from across your enterprise – whether in data lakes, applications, web services or PC’s – and choose to query it there or persist it in a flexible, powerful data platform. Model and augment your data using the intuitive graphical tools and then make it available to your users to explore and derive valuable insights.

DWC also recognises the challenge of balancing your users’ need for data with the Enterprise’s need for governance. SAP DWC gives business users the ability to use and present data in the way they want whilst at the same time respecting the controls over enterprise data assets that IT needs to put in place.

Best of all, DWC is designed to work with SAP data and technology with native support for SAP metadata and – allowing you to extend any existing investments in SAP BW and giving you the best of both worlds.

Why Organisations Who Want to Become Data-Driven Need DWC?

  • Fully featured data warehousing platform in the cloud
  • Quickly consolidate data from multiple data sources, or applications, to support timely decision making
  • Work with data from anywhere in the way you want – SAP, non-SAP on-premise or cloud, remotely or persisted
  • Pre-built content to accelerate value from your SAP systems
  • Designed to be the best at working with SAP applications and data
  • Empower your users to bring their own data and combine it with enterprise data to find valuable insights without the need for developers
  • Balance the desire for agility with the need for control through innovative governance structures
  • Reduce operating and administrative costs with the managed service offering
  • Hyperscaler agnostic and elastic scaling of computing and storage to match your changing needs
  • A single version of the truth to underpin a data-driven culture
Data & Analytics Assessment Services

Data & Analytics Assessment Services

Grow your business with intelligence through insight. Plan your transformation with NTT DATA Business Solutions Assessment services, based on over 30 years of experience. Our selectable, practical services help you to understand your data & analytical maturity, visualise your future and plan your transition.

DWC Rapid Adoption Package

SAP Data Warehouse Cloud Rapid Adoption Package

Start seeing value from your SAP Data Warehouse Cloud investment immediately with this NTT DATA Business Solutions Rapid Adoption Package. We will help you identify a suitable use case and then set up connections to your data sources, establish your tenant and enable you to build your own data models and data flows.

Data Warehouse

Data Warehouses and Data Platforms

Basing your decisions on accurate, relevant, timely and trusted data is key to being successful. NTT DATA Business Solutions consultants will help you map, monitor, and manage your data to create trustworthy data sources and enable confident decisions to be made. Our tried and tested methodology ensures success. Data Modelling & Data Warehouse design Data Integration (ETL, ELT) Data Quality Management See our Data Management Services page for further information on our services.

Data Governance

Data Governance, Data Security & Data Quality Management

See the Data Management Services page for an overview of our services in the areas of Data Governance, Data Security and Data Quality Management and more.

Key Product Features


Whether on-premise or cloud, real-time or import – Data Warehouse Cloud enables you to connect to your data easily with support for hundreds of connectors.

Data Modelling

Combine multiple data sets, prepare and transform data, add calculations and business logic such as currency conversion and then add security to ensure your data can be used effectively and safely.

Business Modelling

Enable business users to create their own models and views reflecting their particular needs and independent of IT. They can bring their own data or use existing data sets to create what they need to answer their own business questions.


Scale your compute and storage to match your needs. Re-allocate processing power and storage as your priorities change and increase or decrease the resources as your needs dictate to give you better control over your costs.

Data Tiering

Not all data is equal so Data Warehouse Cloud allows you to move data between its different storage tiers – from in-memory where speed is of the essence through to data lake storage which can scale to petabytes of data – all still accessible through the same interface.


Create self-contained environments to segregate data and users so they can work independently; at the same time, data can still be shared easily meaning no need to duplicate key assets unnecessarily. You can determine what rights different users have within their space for greater control.


Control access to your data easily and securely with persona-driven controls that allow you to determine what users can do and what data they can access. Spaces allow for simple segregation of data and users whilst row-level security can be applied to give you peace of mind over how data is being used.


Audit, activity logging and usage monitoring gives you greater visibility over what is happening within the system and enables you to remain in control. Monitor data integration jobs and connections and view queries against remote systems to better understand the movement of data across the system.


Make your data assets easily accessible and enable users to search and find content that meets their needs quickly so they can get on with finding value and making decisions.

SAP Business Content

Free, ready to use data model templates designed to get you working with your data quickly. Industry and line of business offerings provide you with pre-built content designed to work with SAP applications and data and allow you to start uncovering value right from the start.

SAP Native Integration

Designed to be the best when working with SAP systems and SAP data, Data Warehouse Cloud offers unique benefits when working with your SAP application landscape. Better integration and better metadata support mean you spend more time analysing your data and less time having to prepare it.

Demo Session

Webinar Recording
A Closer Look at SAP Data Warehouse Cloud

Find out how SAP DWC can help you make faster, confident decisions to support your business with this short session including main features, use case examples, and a software demonstration. Key Topics 1) What SAP DWC is and what it isn’t, including main features 2) Demonstration to highlight the new cloud solution 3) Reference to additional resources on Data Warehouse Cloud.

Watch the session

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