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Integrate Your Data & Improve Data Quality Across The Enterprise

As the central part of the information management layer of SAP’s Business Technology Platform, SAP Data Services offers best-in-class functionality for data integration, quality and cleansing

SAP Data Services
SAP Data Services Overview
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What is SAP Data Services?

SAP Data Services is a core part of the information management layer of SAP’s Business Technology Platform and offers enterprise-level functionality around data integration, data quality and data cleansing.

SAP Data Services allows organisations to easily work with data of all types and from all sources with a view to helping them unlock the value held within. Connect to a myriad of data sources, assess its quality and then apply your own business logic to improve and augment it so that uses can make better, more informed decisions and help your organisation move closer towards a data-driven culture.

Organisations That Want To Take Control of Their Data Need SAP Data Service

  • Connect to all your data assets wherever they may be within your enterprise – on-premise or cloud, structured and unstructured
  • Orchestrate sophisticated data flows to ensure seamless movement of data across your organisation
  • Implement complex business logic and rules to transform your data exactly as you need
  • Synchronise data across your environments using change data capture mechanisms and replication functionality
  • Assess, monitor and act on data quality issues fast. Identify and communicate problems to the data owners for resolution
  • Enable multiple developers to work together with tools to help them debug and find issues fast
  • Simplify the development lifecycle with features designed to make it easier to move code from environment to environment
  • Get a better understanding of your data with in-built data profiling tools
  • Designed to be the best at working with SAP applications and data

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Data & Analytics Assessment Services

Data & Analytics Assessment Services

Grow your business with intelligence through insight. Plan your transformation with our Assessment Services, based on over 30 years of experience. Our selectable, practical services help you to understand your data & analytical maturity, visualise your future and plan your transition.

Data Warehouses and Data Platforms

Data Warehouses and Data Platforms

Basing your decisions on accurate, relevant, timely and trusted data is key to being successful. Our consultants will help you map, monitor, and manage your data to create trustworthy data sources to enable confident decisions to be made.

DWC Rapid Adoption Package

SAP Datasphere Cloud Rapid Adoption Package

Start seeing value from your SAP Datasphere investment immediately with NTT DATA Business Solutions Rapid Adoption Package. We will help you identify the use case, set up connections to your data sources and enable you to build your own data models and data flows.

Key Product Features


Whether on-premise or cloud, real-time or import, SAP Data Services enables you to connect to your data easily with support for hundreds of connectors. Data Services also includes a number of built-in adapters specifically for SAP systems.

Data Flows

The intuitive, graphical designer helps you to create sophisticated data processing jobs – whether you want data integration, transformation, replication or migration. Features such as scripting, business rules, custom functions, recovery, alerting and conditional flow logic all help make your data flows quick to develop whilst still being robust and performant.

Ideal for Data Warehousing

Dedicated functionality designed to handle typical data warehousing challenges such as delta loads, slowly changing dimensions, hierarchies and additional capabilities that are designed to help you model your data quickly


High-performance processing engines are packaged in a scalable, highly available platform designed to be resilient. Features such as parallel processing, change data capture and load balancing all help ensure that your data integration and processing jobs keep running whilst monitoring, alerting and audit tools keep you in control.

Data Profiling

Understand your data better so you can use it more effectively. Profile it to view common statistics such as min/max values, distincts, nulls etc. or use the Data Cleansing transforms to capture and investigate potential data quality issues and how to resolve them.

Data Cleansing

Cleanse your data with dedicated transforms to address common issues such as badly formed addresses, geo-coding or incorrect business terms. Define your rules and then automatically identify and fix issues with dates, emails, phone numbers or custom terms. Match records together to identify duplicates and consolidate to create master records.

SAP HANA Optimised

Designed to take advantage of working with the advanced capabilities of SAP HANA through automatic push-down for extract, load, transform (ELT) for maximum performance

Text Analysis

Search across the documents and unstructured text within your organisation and uncover its hidden value. Using the Text Data processing functionality you can perform linguistic analysis and identify key entities (people, products, places etc.), relationships, sentiment and other useful facts buried within the words.

Multi-user Development Environment

Allow your developers to work independently with their own repositories and then come together to consolidate into a single code base in a centralised repository. Dedicated tools allow you to compare development objects, check lineage and impact analysis and move content through the development lifecycle safely and according to your processes.

SAP Native Integration

Designed to be the best when working with SAP systems and SAP data. Data Services offers unique benefits when working with your SAP application landscape. Native support for programming languages, such as ABAP, IDocs, BAPI, RFC, and SAP extractors means you spend less time worrying about how you can extract data and more time working with it.

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