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SAP Data Intelligence Cloud
What is SAP Data Intelligence Cloud

What is SAP Data Intelligence Cloud?

SAP Data Intelligence Cloud is a next-generation data platform that gives you all the capabilities you need to integrate, orchestrate, enrich and transform your enterprise’s data – whatever you need to do with it.

Data Intelligence Cloud recognises that modern enterprises have a varied data landscape and so they need a suite of tools designed to help them understand, manage and process it effectively.

Best of all, because it is a cloud-based service, it can scale with you, starting small and then scaling in-depth and breadth as you work with more and more of your organisation’s data assets.

Why Do Organisations Need SAP Data Intelligence Cloud?

  • Connect to all your data assets wherever they may be within your enterprise – on-premise or cloud, structured and unstructured
  • Hyperscaler agnostic is able to work with your data wherever it may be
  • Orchestrate complex data pipelines to ensure seamless movement of data across your organisation
  • Develop and implement automated Machine Learning models quickly and without specialist data scientists initially but still support advanced data science models when you are ready
  • Support for open-source technologies (Jupyter, Python, Tensorflow, Apache Spark)
  • Index, profile and classify your data within your landscape to help identify valuable assets
  • Assess, monitor and act on data quality issues fast. Identify and communicate problems to the data owners and score data assets for transparency
  • Give your users an enterprise data catalogue enabling enterprise-wide metadata discovery and visibility, using terms they understand, to help them find the right data, faster
  • Designed to be the best at working with SAP applications and data

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Data & Analytics Assessment Services

Data & Analytics Assessment Services

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Key Product Features


Whether on-premise or cloud, real-time or import – SAP Data Intelligence Cloud enables you to connect to your data easily with support for hundreds of connectors.

Data Profiling

Profile your data sets to gain a better understanding of what you have in your landscape. Automatically capture the metadata of these datasets and then combine it with other useful information such as owner, validation rules or quality scores to create a holistic view of your data and make it more useful to your users.

Data Quality

Create validation rules and apply them to multiple datasets to see where problems may lie within your data and if it is adhering to your standards and business rules. Identify and communicate these problem areas to the right people so they can take action and then monitor and visualise the data scores of your data over time to see how things are improving.

Business Glossary

A central, shared repository of your data assets and the business terms that your users understand. Enable your users to search for the information that they require and use custom attributes and tags to further help categorise your data and make it more discoverable and therefore, useable.

Data Preparation

Allow end-users and data scientists to easily transform and enrich their datasets, correct issues and output for further use. Create a “recipe” of data actions against a sample and then run the process against the full dataset as often as you need or when new data becomes available.

Data Pipelines

Create data processing pipelines using scripting or built-in transformations to access, manipulate, transform and move data within your landscape. Handle batch jobs, streaming IoT data, ETL loads or message queues easily and use pre-defined templates to implement common scenarios. Create re-usable “snippets” and create custom operators for full control.

Machine Learning

Use pre-configured functionality to deploy automated machine learning scenarios quickly to uncover business value. Alternatively, use your preferred open source tooling to experiment and train your own ML models on your own terms. Then, when ready, use the ML Orchestration functionality to move them into production and scale to embed in business applications easily.


Pause your SAP Data Intelligence clusters to reduce costs when not in use. Schedule hibernation and wake up to give you more control over your spending.


Control access to your data easily and securely with persona-driven controls that allow you to determine what users can do and what sources they can access.

SAP Native Integration

Designed to be the best when working with SAP systems and SAP data, Data Intelligence Cloud offers unique benefits when working with your SAP application landscape. Better integration and better metadata support means you spend more time analysing your data and less time having to prepare it

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