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SAP Direct Spend Portal: Bring simplicity and efficiency to your supply chain

An SAP centric way to deliver supplier engagement and enhance direct spend activities

SAP direct spend portal direct spend portal

Future-proof your supply chain management processes and reduce admin direct spend portalADD is an SAP Direct Spend portal designed for use by both suppliers and internal employees as a single source of truth, improving collaboration and allowing decisions to be made based on accurate, real-time information. It allows pertinent SAP-based data to be shared with suppliers effectively, in easily digestible formats, whilst allowing them to share their latest data quickly, via minimal clicks, on an online platform. direct spend portalADD brings countless benefits to the supply chain of any SAP running organisation with functionality that delivers simplicity, increases efficiency and reduces cost. direct spend portalADD is uniquely delivered directly within SAP and utilises all the data and business processes you have residing in SAP. This removes the need for considerable duplication and integration whilst minimising the need for additional hardware.

Driving supplier engagement with an SAP Direct Spend Portal

  • Significantly reduce administrative costs
  • Simplify communication and increase collaboration
  • Improve data quality and make informed decisions
  • Streamline your purchase order management in a centralised location
  • Great user experiences that reduce training needs
  • Improve supplier performance with KPI visibility

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Integrated Supplier Collaboration

Watch this session and see how you can work more collaboratively with your direct spend suppliers.

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Streamline your supply chain management with a web based SAP Direct Spend Portal

Organisations are increasingly keen to utilise online platforms to drive efficiencies into their supply chain, whilst simultaneously improving collaboration with their suppliers. spend portalADD comes with a comprehensive set of features to simplify the supply chain without adding complexity to the IT landscape. This is because the extension is delivered natively inside SAP.

The method of delivery ensures that the data being consumed, and business processes being used are those already established in SAP, without the need for duplication or replication. The data in the extension is 100% accurate, in real-time and the data from suppliers (subject to your authorisation) is going directly into the correct location in SAP. Both suppliers and internal users are receiving an accurate, 360-degree view of the data from the extension.

Purchase Order Management

Suppliers can update their purchase orders and view relevant information in relation to past, present and future orders.

Quotation Requests

Your suppliers can view and respond to raised quotation requests via the portal. Providing responses about their ability to fulfil the quotation and the appropriate pricing.

Share Demand Forecasts

Share your demand forecasts with suppliers in real-time, helping them plan accordingly to ensure they always meet your demand.

Quality Notifications

The portal ensures your supplier is made aware of all the key QN information immediately, allowing a quicker reaction to the issue.

Supplier KPI Visibility

You and your suppliers can monitor performance via various indicators defined by you. Facilitates accurate supplier review and the drive towards high standards.

Future-proofed supply chain

As your SAP landscape evolves, the extension evolves with it, whilst simultaneously delivering the latest in efficiency driving features and functionality.

Delivering benefits for both your suppliers and your internal users

Whilst the suppliers quickly adopt the portal as it simplifies their interactions with you, members of your purchasing team will do the same. They can also log in and reap the benefits of having numerous tasks they previously carried out across multiple screens in SAP, located in a single UI5 based location. This drives efficiency, increases visibility and reduces the number of hours internal teams need to spend on administrative tasks.

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Solution Brief
Securely extend the power of SAP to drive your supplier engagement strategy

Discover how our direct spend portal can improve your collaboration with key suppliers and provide efficiencies in the supply chain, whilst reducing administrative costs. direct spend portalADD comes with a comprehensive set of features to simplify the supply chain without adding complexity to the IT landscape. This is because the core product components are delivered inside SAP.

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