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Enable 360-degree views of your customers

A SAP centric way to deliver exceptional customer service

Enhance the customer experiences you deliver

For the provision of first-rate customer experience, your contact center operatives need to reflect your brand and the service offered to your customers every bit as consistently as through any other touch points you provide. The contact centerADD provides key information to your operatives in a quick, easy to follow, consistent manner, so that interactions with customers are always productive and much more efficient.

The contact centerADD reduces average call duration and unnecessary return calls by making the SAP data/processes easily accessible, in real-time. It provides one location from which the internal operative can complete a myriad of tasks with minimal clicks. Training for new staff is considerably reduced thanks to the self-intuitive web pages the add on provides.

Driving customer experiences with SAP

  • Provide a single view of the customer
  • Increase contact center efficiency with real-time data
  • Significantly reduce training requirements
  • Effortless navigation to account information
  • Configure complex products the easy way
  • Fast, effective customer service platform, designed on the latest SAP framework

Enable your customer facing teams to provide enhanced CX

Move through account related data (current and historical) with minimal clicks from orders to returns and from financial information to account associated notes. Quickly find account related information via simple navigation, filtering mechanisms and search criteria. Ensure that operatives have quick access to the same product information as your online customers, served to them in a very similar manner.

Complete a myriad of tasks from one location with minimal clicks

The contact centerADD provides the platform for joined up interaction, where the operative and the customer look at the same product imagery, specifications, promotional activity, pricing and associated products.

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Solution Brief
Empower your teams to deliver enhanced customer experiences

Make internal teams more efficient, reduce administrative costs and ensure customers receive the desired outcome from contact center interaction.

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