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SAP Certified AddOns to drive business growth and reduce administrative costs

product suite for digital engagement product suite product suite product suite eradicates significant amounts of complexity in software, hardware and support requirements, which presents sizeable financial advantages for your business and allows you to continually increase ROI in your initial and ongoing SAP investment.

Our SAP Certified product suite’s alignment with SAP allows the capability, security and scalability of the SAP landscape to be leveraged by all industry sectors and across all digital touchpoints. With extensive in-house expertise, we can design and deliver the SAP certified product suite, providing you with a true end-to-end service that we believe will drive digital transformation for your business.

Driving Customer and Supplier Experiences with SAP

  • Comprehensive product suite with centralised data
  • Incorporated UX and UI design to provide cutting edge digital experiences
  • Deliver services that add value
  • Zero integration required
  • Delivered by SAP people for SAP people
Due to the way we have developed product suite from the ground up as an SAP-centric solution, it benefits from all of your SAP enterprise security, stability and performance. product suite requires zero integration, reduces reliance on IT, relieves pressure on infrastructure and empowers your teams to focus on delivering outstanding, value-adding services.”

Jon Brooks, Business Development - CX Director, NTT DATA Business Solutions

Natively Delivered to Eliminate Integration product suite is the only SAP-certified digital engagement technology with zero integration required. Delivered natively inside your SAP ERP, it ensures only one technology set is being used to allow your customers to securely interact with your core business processes and real-time data as part of your customer engagement strategies.

As an SAP-centric extension, it utilises the enterprise stability, scalability, security and capability SAP already provides. product suite facilitates modern online customer and supplier engagement strategies with no significant impacts on infrastructure, headcount or landscape complexity.

Digital engagement solutions to deliver

  • Real-time information
  • Reduced risk
  • Reduced ongoing cost
  • Reduced support
  • Reduced complication

Drive Customer and Supplier Centricity with product suite

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