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Streamline SAP Master Data Management with it.mds

Reliable business analytics depend on effective SAP master data management. Find out how it.mds can help you simplify data maintenance.

sap master data management

Improve Data Accuracy and Automate Manual Tasks

Proper master data management forms a secure and stable foundation for business processes and decision-making. However, managing data quality and keeping records updated can be extremely time consuming and prone to errors if performed manually.

Moreover, with each new person using or modifying data, the risk of data integrity issues rises. Poor master data quality can result in significant inefficiencies and loss of revenue. To tackle this, we developed it.master data simplified (it.mds) – our effective solution for SAP master data management.

Simplify your Master Data Maintenance | it.mds
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sap master data management with it.mds

Benefit from 95% Reduced Manual Data Entry

Are you struggling with poor data quality and, as a result, with costly, error-prone processes and reporting? Then learn more about our own solution – it.mds.

it.mds provides full data transparency and simplifies your processes by managing, consolidating, and harmonising all master data in one single central, integrated solution. With out-of-the-box functionality and features that facilitate master data maintenance, your company can count on a single version of truth for decision-making. At the same time, automated completeness checks and workflows help eliminate errors and save considerable time and effort.


Migrating to it.mds has enabled us to simultaneously change and streamline our processes, which has been highly beneficial. NTT DATA Business Solutions played a key and valued role in this process – not least by providing us with excellent tools to clean up our data.

Kasia Cieszynska Head of Master Data, Statkraft

Are You Facing One or More of These Master Data Management Challenges?

  • Are your business users spending hours performing manual tasks for master data maintenance activities in SAP?
  • Is unsynchronised data in your SAP systems leading to data integrity issues and error-prone processes?
  • Does your organisation lack a single version of truth for all master data?
  • Are you experiencing a growing need for an authorised workflow?
  • Do too many people have access to the individual fields in your master data?

Thanks to clear business rules and defined responsibilities, it.mds helps you simplify data maintenance and enhance data quality.

it.mds: The Easy Way to Simplify SAP Master Data Management

Enhanced Data Quality

Master Data Management needs to be based on central, standardised rules and clearly defined ownership – throughout the entire lifecycle. By harmonising and synchronising master data, it.mds minimises errors, inconsistencies, and data integrity issues.

Simplified Decision-Making

Instead of complex, technical ERP terms, your users can define company-specific terminology to facilitate quick decisions based solely on business needs. With workflow support and a clear overview of all master data across your business, decision-making is much easier.

Reduced Manual Effort

With it.mds, over 90 percent of data maintenance tasks can be automated. This not only reduces the risk of human error – it also saves your company significant time and enables your employees to focus on other important business activities.

Strong Governance

In addition to improving data quality, it.mds includes an integrated data governance process. This allows you to administer content and processes centrally and establish a framework for data integrity, availability and usability.

Intuitive User Interface

As your organisation grows in size, it becomes increasingly difficult to manage the rising volumes of data. it.mds makes your employees’ lives easier with a user-friendly interface displaying only the fields that are relevant to them.

Managing Data Quality – the Foundation for Reliable Reporting

Automated governance and simplified maintenance processes pave the way for gaining long-term business value from master data. By significantly reducing manual keystrokes, it.mds can save businesses thousands of working hours a year.

Kenneth Madsen Director Masterdata Products LoB, NTT DATA Business Solutions a/s

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High-Quality Master Data with our AddOn Solution

Did you know that data-related problems cost companies more than $5 million annually? Not necessarily. Benefit from simplified data management with our AddOn solution it.mds.


it.master data simplified: How We Can Support You

Reliable master data is a business imperative for staying successful in global markets. No matter the size of your organisation, our consultants can help you develop efficient processes for master data maintenance and governance. We have implemented it.mds in around 70 companies around the world in a wide variety of industries – helping them keep full control of their data throughout its life cycle.

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