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In Europe some three quarters of all freight is transported by lorries and goods vehicles. Imagine if we could track the goods in those vehicles with such precision that their location triggered the production of other goods further down the supply chain. Suddenly, the conversation shifts. It's no longer about automated production at one facility; it's about integrated supply chain processes between multiple facilities in different cities across the country – or continent.

Our solution takes the humble QR Code and makes it

Bringing Transparency

What if we made tracking so precise that we could rely on product delivery as dependably as we rely on items moving down a conveyer belt?

Mark Albrecht, our Head of Innovation, explains how improved, automated tracking could take the guesswork out of deliveries and change the way we manufacture products.

To Trust a Venture

In global supply chains, unexpected delays, whether from human error or natural disaster, are often exacerbated by a lack of transparency. Building trust is sometimes the most difficult job.

The idea: Use SAP Solutions, mobile technology, sensors for cold chain control and shock, and SAP’s cloud services to build a track and trace system so precise and well documented that a product’s location and status are never unknown.

Imagine a customer who knows when his goods are stuck in traffic and understands in real time that his products will be late. The transparency of the Logistics Bridge removes any surprise, and the customer can reschedule delivery and adjust his other processes as necessary.

Wolfgang Möller, Global Director Discrete Industries & Internet of Things

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The Tech: Connecting You Too

Our solution comes to life when corresponding sensors pass one another. One sensor, a tiny box containing a Bluetooth beacon, a thermometer, and a shock detector – all with five years of battery life – is perfect for attaching to a pallet. The second sensor, housing a corresponding Bluetooth beacon and a sim card, sends a signal whenever its near one of the little boxes. We might place these mobile-enabled sensors on the door of a warehouse or on a truck. With SAP Cloud technology, our sensors can track the location of a pallet of goods down to the minute. We call the solution a Logistics Bridge. What was once a supply chain has become an end-to-end logistics flow.

IoT to the Point

Existing track-and-trace technologies have changed how warehouses track goods, but they’re a nightmare to integrate. We took the technology out of the warehouse and then made it easy to use. Our customers are thrilled with the reduced operational costs and the increase in transparency. The sensors are especially important when shipping fragile biological goods sensitive to temperature changes or mishandling.

Our Logistics Bridges are an example of how we can innovate for logistics solutions right now.

That’s innovation to the point.

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Write Your Innovation Story with Us!

Every innovation project is a story of its own. Co-innovate with NTT DATA Business Solutions and write yours now!

The Logistics Bridge is only one example of how we transfer our experiences with machine learning and IoT technology into new endeavors. We’re constantly on the lookout for projects where our experience might make the difference between good idea and great product.

Get in touch with us today, and let’s discuss where your pain points lie, what you want to achieve, and how we can help you do that. To the point.

Get in touch with us today, and let’s discuss where your pain points lie, what you want to achieve, and how we can help you do that. To the point.

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