An Open Letter to Our Customers Regarding Brexit

London, 6th November 2020 – An open letter to our customers regarding Brexit.


Dear Customer,

Whilst no one presently knows what the nature and effects of Brexit will be, it is sensible to consider the likely requirements based on what is known or assumed at this time.



We have spoken to SAP for their views and their current position is as follows:

“SAP does not foresee significant interruption in the provision of SAP software or digital services to our customers or partners. If details emerge that require businesses to change processes implemented on SAP systems, SAP will communicate with and support our customers, partners and suppliers active on our business networks as required;

SAP and our solutions are and will remain compliant with relevant data protection regulations in both the UK and the EU.

There is a useful post on the SAP Community blog site:  Read more here


Processing Data

The principal issue for itelligence is to retain the ability to exchange data, especially personal data with organisations within the EEA. To be restricted in this regard would put in jeopardy our managed cloud services (previously called hosting services) and our ability to provide public cloud software. Fortunately, the UK government web site is unequivocal on this point:

“You do not need to take action to keep sending personal data from the UK to the EU/EEA”

Receiving personal data from the EU is a matter for UK legislation following the Brexit transition period and that does not restrict us either.


Movement of People

Presently, due to Covid, it is not a requirement for people to travel to the EU, or the reverse, but this may become a requirement when the “new normal” happens. It is clear that there will likely be the need to produce additional paperwork, or obtain visas to facilitate such travel. itelligence has experienced teams on each side of the English Channel and so we do not anticipate any major issues here.

We will continue to keep the situation under active review and will be pleased to speak to you directly and if you would like us to. Please contact me using the details below:


Philip Newman
Chief Operating Officer
itelligence Business Solutions (UK) Limited

[email protected]



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