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Want to get the most out of your investment in SAP, Microsoft and Tableau training?

Here are the 3 things that set our most successful delegates apart from everyone else.

Training ensures your business gets the most out of its investment in IT.  Well trained employees that can fully utilise the technology they use are faster, more efficient and effective. Improving an employee ultimately benefits the company they work for.

That said, the costs to attend accredited SAP BusinessObjects, SAP HANA, SQL, Microsoft BI and Tableau courses aren’t trivial and whilst the NTT DATA Business Solutions training team takes every possible step to ensure provision of the very highest quality of training it’s important that delegates who join our classes maximise this learning investment.
Having trained literally thousands of delegates over the years, there are three key things that we know drive success.


If you don’t dedicate time you’ll never do it and when you do make the decision to focus on skills development be sure to commit yourself to that investment. Delegates attending onsite corporate courses should approach these in the same way as a class which the delegate has travelled to attend.
Being away from the normal workplace, even onsite, is crucial. You need to immerse yourself in your learning, don’t keep checking your emails when offsite or “popping to your desk” when onsite. Make it clear you are “out of the office” and not contactable. This means you, and we, can commit to the task at hand.


Be sure the register for the right course! Be honest about your training needs. Don’t over (or under) estimate your abilities.  There are steps you can take to ensure this, but the crucial thing to understand is your current skill set.
Pay attention to the “pre-requisites” for your course. Don’t try and cut costs or corners by skipping an “entry level” requirement. Course materials are carefully crafted to take students on a learning journey, you cannot skip to Level 2 if you haven’t got a good grasp of Level 1.
SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence is a good example of a technology that people feel sure they can “use” even when the most they’ve done is run a few queries. It’s awful to see people attend the Advanced course and struggle to grasp advanced queries and formulas. It wastes the delegates time, they struggle to keep up and the trainer struggles to cover all the required course materials.

The right foundation reaps immeasurable rewards.

Be open

Don’t be afraid to ask questions or request feedback on your performance during the course. It’s highly likely other delegates will benefit from the response – questions usually ignite some lively debates (and our trainers love to be challenged!).
Your trainer is your personal cheerleader! We want you to do well, the more value you get – the likely we are to see you again on a more advanced course or for the next new product release.

And, most importantly, keep your attitude open. Don’t return to your desk and immediately revert to old habits. Review the course materials, apply them to your working day, keep challenging yourself to get better and, when the time is right and you have exhaustively applied your learning – return for training on the next level!

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