Expectations from a Modern BI Platform – SAP Analytics Cloud

I was presenting a session on SAP Analytics Cloud at the SAP Analytics Symposium that took place on 25 April 2018 and in many ways, this was the prelude for the session I will be delivering at #itelli2018.

SAP Analytics Cloud embodies all the qualities that I would expect from a Modern BI Platform and redefines how information is accessed and applied within organisational decision-making. I wanted to spend a few moments to ponder over what I expect from a Modern BI Platform:

1. Consumer grade UI: The newly embraced Fiori interface makes it easy and familiar for users. This drives the user adoption and further promotes the fact-based decision making culture. It’s also worth mentioning that users also have the option to consume this information through a mobile app.
2. Diverse data support: This has attracted much needed investment over recent months. There is a vast array of systems that are now supported across the Live and Data Import connection options. This allows businesses to easily produce a cohesive view of the organisation and not be constrained to a single source or a departmental view of analytics.
3. Smart Insights: This is a game-changer in my opinion and has very effectively leveraged the SCP capabilities to deliver a very simplistic end-user experience. With larger and increasingly complex datasets, users are more reliant on advanced techniques to identify hidden and valuable insights. Smart Insights use Machine Learning techniques to run algorithms over data and identify key contributors, clusters, forecasting and other incredibly interesting insights.
4. Collaboration: decisions are rarely made in isolation and in practice, information is often shared in print format, sent over emails, discussed in meetings, etc. before suitable actions are devised. The Digital Boardroom, commenting, discussions and sharing capabilities recognise this reality very well and provide an integrated environment for analytics and the ensuing discussions.

I will be covering all of the above during my #itelli2018 presentation and hope to see you there. Please let me know if you had a particular question or would like more information on any particular aspect. I would be very happy to incorporate this into my session.

#itelli2018 is being held on Wednesday 23rd May at the QEII Conference Centre, Westminster, London. #itelli2018 will bring the SAP community together and provide expert guidance with customer-led insight to explain why and how organisations are adopting new disruptive SAP technologies in the pursuit of digital transformation. Showcasing the latest analytics, Business Intelligence and Data Management developments, there will be multiple sessions comprising 6 streams including customer presentations, interactive areas, hands-on zones, live demonstrations, expert advice in the consultant’s corner, plus the SAP Digital Boardroom!

View the full agenda and register here.

Asad Mahmood
Asad Mahmood
Solution Lead

I am fascinated by all things data and specifically how business can drive value from it; actionable insight. Technology is a key facet of this. My experiences in Data Warehousing technologies, Analytics, Predictive and Big Data are particularly relevant when it comes to delivering effective business applications. I spend most of my time understanding business imperatives and then devising technological solutions which deliver first class experiences and results.

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