Meet NTT DATA Business Solutions UK Trainers: David says “NO two courses are the same!”

NTT DATA Business Solutions provides customised training with SAP solutions and technologies, data warehousing theory and practice training, and business intelligence on SAP BusinessObjects and Microsoft BI. It’s a different kind of training – with experienced professionals with an average of 15 years experience.

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04-06-2014 12-53-25Meet David, a trainer with 30 years experience in Business Objects, SQL, business analytics and database management.





  • How did you gain your expertise in database technology?

I started out as a self-taught spreadsheet and database expert in a building design and construction organisation. I became the ‘go-to’ person for all things data related and then started teaching others at a management college.

In the early 90’s I volunteered to teach a course no one else wanted to – SQL. Ever since I’ve had continuous database related work.

  • When did you join NTT DATA Business Solutions?

I’ve been training since 2004 at a small software and consulting business that intelligence acquired on the strength of the business analytics practice. That might make me the longest serving NTT DATA Business Solutions employee!

  • What’s the best part of your job?

No course is ever the same. I may approach it with my usual plan, but based on the course attendees, locations and even environments, each course takes a unique direction. There is always something to be learned – an observation from a delegate, a chance remark over a break or a different way of viewing something from an unexpected question.

  • What’s the best way to learn something?

A really good way of learning something well is having to teach it to others! I continuously improve my expertise in my subject matter expertise by challenging myself and others with new problems and projects.

  • What problems have you faced when training?

The old movie industry adage goes “never work with children or animals.” I’d include computers and Wi-Fi too! Some days the software just hates you. As an instructor, you always need a Plan B for when it goes horribly wrong. I should probably learn a few conjuring tricks for when Plan B doesn’t work either.

  • What do you think your delegates enjoy the most?

Delegates want a smooth and well-practiced presentation. They also want the chance to get their own questions answered or clarified. I like to provide chances to practice the skills taught while I’m there to support the delegates. I also like to go “off-piste” – if there is a question or an idea a delegate proposes, I like to walk them through a demo to from start to the conclusion.

Many delegates have told me that they value the personal experience of our courses over larger training centres that are often impersonal.

  • Why do you keep training?

I like meeting new people and enjoy the company of colleagues. I also enjoy new challenges.

  • What can delegates expect of your courses?

A great location that’s friendly, welcoming, comfortable and suitable for learning. We are a team of experienced instructors that offer the skills our delegates need to get their job done better.


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