#itelli2018 Planning

The NTT DATA Business Solutions conference, affectionately known as #itelli2018 will take place in the heart of Westminster on the 23rd of May next year. Between now and then the event team will be working very hard in order to ensure that once again the NTT DATA Business Solutions conference is the standout SAP Partner event of the year.

So what are we thinking about? In a word “changes” and I am not talking about the David Bowie song, as good as it is.

We are changing many things for #itelli2018, some through choice, and others unavoidable.


Let us start with the biggest change of all, a brand new venue.

After three very successful years, we have outgrown our previous home at Bishopsgate and have decided to move to the QEII Exhibition Centre. This is both exciting and scary in equal measure, exciting as we have a larger venue that can cater for the increased numbers who want to attend, and slightly scary as we realise that we cannot rely on previous assumptions about what does or does not work. With 6 months to go before #itelli2018 we are looking at every element of the event from top to bottom to ensure that we exceed our own high standards.

With that in mind, I wanted to share some early thoughts on things you can expect to see as a delegate, and where better to start than the registration process itself. This year we will be handing all registration management through Eventbrite, a service that I am sure many of you know. We have decided to make this change to improve the registration process and provide the best online experience.


Next, a biggie, for the last few years I have been regularly asked why we did not have a conference app.

The honest answer is that we have been waiting for a couple of things to come together; firstly sufficient demand from our delegate base, and secondly of course, a price and functionality balance that made it viable. Therefore, it gives me great pleasure to announce that in January we will be launching the #itelli2018 conference app for iOS and Android. Our goal is to deliver an app that offers value to you before, during and after the event itself. Please stay tuned for more details as the launch date approaches.


So what about the day itself? What can you expect once you have that lanyard around your neck?

As I have written before, we are always aiming to iterate and improve the agenda in order to ensure that we bring you the best SAP related content we possibly can. We know that you enjoy hearing real world stories from your peers, so we will of course once again be including a number of customer led presentations. You have told us that you value our frank and honest appraisals of SAP’s technology offerings; you can expect more of this at #itelli2018, including an option for private discussions in our Consultants Corner. Most importantly we have reflected on some of the changes we introduced at #itelli2017, for instance, we will bring back the itellihubs, this time with a solid plan in place to overcome the noise issues that impacted a few of this year’s sessions. Once again, we are grateful for the support of our sponsors, look out for more details on the “elevator pitch challenge” that will take place during our morning keynote session, another use for the conference app. Finally, we do not try to fix things that are not broken, so the Hands on Areas will return, where you can experience the latest SAP software by completing exercises under the watchful gaze of our product experts.

As I hope you will agree, we are thinking very carefully about #itelli2018, and of course that includes the topics we will cover in the agenda.

You are most welcome to join us on the 23rd of May 2018. You can register for #itelli2018 here.



Andy Steer
Andy Steer
Chief Technology Officer

I have responsibility for defining and driving the evolution of the business in step with our customers and partners. I spend most of my time listening and learning from 3 sets of people; our customers, our partners and our employees to ensure that we are able to imagine, describe and deliver the innovative solutions that will ensure our customers future success. Before NTT DATA Business Solutions I worked in a variety of Consulting and Management roles in the field of Data Management and Business Intelligence for nearly 20 years and I regularly present at industry events in the UK and beyond. When not at work I spend most of my spare time either drinking wine with my Wife, playing Lego with my sons or getting depressed supporting Tottenham Hotspur.

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