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How the iPhone X has solidified my opinion regarding the importance of software training

I recently upgraded to the iPhone X and two weeks after purchase I was invited to attend a “one on one” personal demo to run through all the new features.

My first instinct was to decline, but as I don’t often take time out to “read the manual”, and because I know there’s a lot of functionality I haven’t made the most of in past upgrades, on this occasion I decided to find half an hour to be “walked through” my iPhone. I am SO glad I did!

Whilst the basic functions of calling, texting and taking photos haven’t really changed since I picked up my first iPhone ten years ago, there are a HUGE amount of really cool new features I would NEVER have discovered if left to my own devices. Plus, there are lots of faster/easier ways to do the things I already do – none of which I would have realised until someone had shown me. Of course I “could” have read the manual or watched the user guide videos but I always get distracted by so many other things whenever I sit down in front of my computer.

And that got me thinking about the SAP, Microsoft and Tableau courses NTT DATA Business Solutions run….

As an IT Trainer – be it SAP BusinessObjects, SAP HANA, SQL, Microsoft BI, Tableau – I obviously place a considerable amount of value on the importance of training staff to effectively utilise the technology they use. I love seeing delegates have their own personal “Eureka” moments throughout their time in the classroom.

Get ahead of the curve

When adopting the latest versions of SAP, Microsoft or Tableau, I have always admired organizations that consider training at the very beginning of their implementation journey.

Purchasing/upgrade decisions require an understanding of: Who will be using the product? At what level? The required mix of license types; and so on. It makes sense to include your employees personal development process as part of that discovery phase.

Make the time

You cannot underestimate the power of good training. Whilst you can “hope” your team finds time to read the manuals, or that the “one person” who has been charged with learning the product finds the time to effectively disseminate that learning across the organization – the fact is that people are busy, they are focused on their daily tasks and this often distracts them from taking time out for personal (productivity) development. So make the time for them!

Invest in good quality training and ensure your team is kept up to date.


Author: Karen Hinton, Trainer at NTT DATA Business Solutions


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