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Andy Steer | March 5, 2015

Planning the NTT DATA Business Solutions conference 2015 - part 3


“A theme, a theme, we need a theme”

As in previous years, we spent some time thinking about the theme for this years NTT DATA Business Solutions conference because themes are important. A good theme sets an expectation for the event it represents allowing potential attendees to quickly understand what the event is about and why it is relevant.

We are pleased to announce that the theme for this years NTT DATA Business Solutions conference will be “making it simple”.

Make it Simple Conference Logo


So why did we choose this? It can’t have escaped your attention that SAP are rather keen on the word “simple”, they seem to be using it in almost all of their launches and marketing campaigns.

 SAP Run Simple Bill McD


Of course as one of SAP’s largest partners you can be sure we spend a lot of time and effort helping you to understand what SAP’s evolving strategy means to you. For a taster you can read my colleague Andrew Fox’s post on Simplification in the BI stack here. But simple means more than that to us, simple is about a way of doing business, of trying to align the services that we offer with the issues and challenges that we hear every day from organisations in all sectors and of all sizes.

With that in mind, here are 5 difficult questions that we are regularly asked, along with our (hopefully) simple answers.

  1. “I have a full time job, how on earth can I keep up with all the new technology and strategy announcements from SAP?” – We run an unparalleled program of webinars, seminars and private briefingsall free of charge. This of course includes our hugely successful conference.
  2. “How do I support my boards Business Strategies and Priorities with existing and future SAP investments?” – Whether it’s an upgrade of an existing system or an implementation of an entirely new technology, our Strategic Roadmap service will document, demonstrate, and cost the IT solutions required to deliver on your strategies.
  3. “How do I approach building a Business Case for investing in the new HANA based solutions?” – Our SAP Pinnacle Award winning hosted Proof of Concept systems and our experience in SAP’s Value Management and Design Thinking methodologies help build a winning business case.
  4. “How do I gain real insight and competitive advantage from the data I create and store?” Who better than SAP’s Analytics Partner of the year to run an Information Strategy Workshop to deliver a plan for realising the value of your data.
  5. “Is it possible to lower the cost of running SAP without sacrificing quality of service?” Our Global Managed Services Team are certified as an SAP Partner Centre of Expertise and can build the perfect blend of on-shore and near-shore resources to help you deliver on your SLA’s without breaking the bank.

We will explore these themes and many more at the NTT DATA Business Solutions conference 2015. Why don’t you make the “simple” choice and join us there!

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