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Andy Steer | August 22, 2016

Talking SAP S/4HANA at the UKISUG Ireland SIG


The Ongoing Conversation

If you know me or follow my regular updates on social media then you will know that by far and away the most common activity in my work diary relates to the impact of SAP HANA. I spend the bulk of my time in conversations about SAP’s Strategy and what it means for particular organisations.

September 2016 is no different, a personal highlight being a planned trip to the UKISUG Ireland SIG in Dublin on the 14th. I will be presenting two sessions, firstly on the “HANAfication” of SAP’s product strategy, followed by a real world roadmap assessment based on current UKISUG Chairman Phillip Adams’ SAP implementation at Mercury Engineering.

The Journey

It seems like a huge amount has happened since my first exposure to SAP’s in-memory platform during early 2012. Huge sums of R&D budget have been spent to deliver the kind of aggressive innovation cycle that many thought impossible for SAP.

The journey began with SAP HANA sidecars and continued through BW on HANA and Business Suite on HANA, before reaching it’s logical conclusion with the new ERP suite; S/4HANA Enterprise Management.

SAP S/4HANA Enterprise Management marks a major shift in the strategy of SAP. Designed to only run on the SAP HANA in-memory platform and built around the concept of the ‘digital core’. The capabilities and differences in the new business suite have the potential to trigger discussion and change throughout the entire organisation.

It is essential that you build an understanding of the options so that you can prepare for and manage this transition.

Maintenance and support for current SAP ERP systems will expire in years to come. Uncertainty about the journey to SAP S/4HANA leads many customers to fear a lengthy, expensive project that will disrupt operations. However, with sufficient preparation, change management, and useful tools and resources, organisations can adopt HANA. You can unlock real benefits through a smoother, lower-risk transition.

Before embarking on the migration journey, it is essential to understand SAP’s strategy and product roadmap. That’s where I am spending most of my time!

There is huge value in taking the time to understand how HANA continues to influence SAP’s product direction. At the UKISUG Ireland SIG I will be discussing S/4HANA adoption, best practices and real world experiences.

Ask yourself the following:

  • Do you work in Ireland in an organisation that runs SAP ERP?
  • Does the hype around SAP S/4HANA confuse you?
  • Can you detail the options available to you?
  • Would you appreciate some straight talking explanations?

Why not come along to the UKISUG Ireland SIG and get the answers to your questions?

Build your S/4HANA knowledge so that you can take control of YOUR SAP roadmap .

I hope to see you in Dublin on the 14th.

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