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The Growing Importance of Strategic Human Capital Management

Today’s business world is more diverse than ever before. That is why strategic human capital management is crucial for success. Employee engagement is vital to productivity and can only be achieved by committing to programs that support performance management, learning management, and employee development.

To adopt a strategic approach to HR, companies like yours are turning to talent management software. Find out how we can support you in utilising SAP SuccessFactors – the newest breed of SAP HCM software, and find out why it is one of the best HCM solutions available today.

Use Employee Data to Boost Performance

For businesses to guarantee success, HR processes must be made more efficient. This enables staff to focus on core business. Enterprises can also manage recruiting and onboarding in a defined manner to ensure employees have a positive experience.

NTT DATA Business Solutions has helped companies seamlessly integrate SAP HR software for over two decades and is your perfect partner for the digital age.

NTT DATA Services

Companies need to accommodate the fast-evolving needs of their workers, particularly millennials, to stay competitive in a tight talent market.

Holly Hall-Perry, Senior Director Cloud Services, NTT DATA Services

Human Capital Management: How We Can Support You

For businesses to guarantee success, HR processes must be made more efficient. This enables staff to focus on core business. Enterprises can also manage recruiting and onboarding in a defined manner to ensure employees have a positive experience. This is where SAP HCM modules, delivered via intelligence, can help.

As a trusted SAP partner, with over 30 years of experience with SAP platforms, such as SAP SuccessFactors solutions, SAP S/4HANA, and other HR technologies.

Indeed, since 2012, we have completed over 260 SAP SuccessFactors projects for more than 150 customers. We also have approximately 195 certified SAP SuccessFactors consultants globally.

That is why we are uniquely positioned as the perfect partner to help you implement an effective human capital management strategy to leverage the benefits of managing critical employee data. We maintain close ties with SAP to ensure your solutions are always up to date.

NTT DATA Business Solutions is your perfect partner for the digital age.

What Are the Challenges Facing Modern HR Departments?

Data-driven digitalisation: using HR information for a seamless transition

Digitalisation has changed the business landscape. Concise, accurate HR and employee data is vital for remaining up to date and evolving with the needs of your business.

Workforce analytics: benefit from real-time information

In an increasingly competitive environment, it is vital to have real-time employee data on hand for executives to make informed, strategic decisions.

Employee development: upgrade HR technology to provide more effective training

The digital age is one of constant change. With so many new concepts, technologies, and practices coming into play, you must be able to train and educate staff accordingly.

Employee engagement: connect with employees to boost staff retention

Without implementing clear development strategies, performance reviews, and competitive salaries in comparison to the market, businesses will struggle to engage with employees.

Recruiting talent: gain labour market transparency and hire the best

Maintaining a comprehensive overview of available candidates for roles, both internally and externally is vital in filling positions with the best talent.

Managing employee payments: deliver a reliable service

Employee retention is crucial in business. By correctly managing payroll, benefits, adhering to legal standards, and rewarding achievements, you keep employee satisfaction high.

World Kitchen, LLC

The partnership with SuccessFactors and NTT DATA Business Solutions has enabled World Kitchen to achieve a single and integrated global HR solution. We are able to streamline business processes, consolidate master data records, regulate cohesive reporting, and establish a shared service platform.

Andrew Warburton, CIO, World Kitchen, LLC

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SAP HCM Overview : Take a Strategic Approach with SAP SuccessFactors

SAP Talent Management Solutions : Find, Engage, and Develop the Perfect Recruit

Getting to know Ryan, featuring SAP SuccessFactors.

With this compilation of scalable and modular talent management solutions, you will be able to find, engage and develop new recruits. Our video illustrates how to develop talent at your company.

Learn more about SAP SuccessFactors

SAP Solutions for Human Capital Management

SAP SuccessFactors

NTT DATA Business Solutions is one of the biggest SAP SuccessFactors partners in the world, with more than 250 certified highly skilled consultants. We can help you with SAP HXM solutions.

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