The digital transformation is running at full speed

The digital transformation has geared up noticeably and is showing strong dynamics in areas such as e-commerce, automation, and robot technology and artificial intelligence. I expect the pace of investment in digitization to pick up strongly in 2018 across all sectors. Modernized ERP systems and cloud-based platforms will continue to play a large role in providing a stable digital core. In many sectors, companies are still in the early stages of realizing the technical possibilities for reducing production costs, for intelligent controlling of their warehousing and logistics, or for optimizing advertising and marketing activities (e-commerce).

Smart and digital – demand for high-quality consulting is on the rise

As a globally leading SAP consulting firm, NTT DATA Business Solutions AG acts according to the guiding principle “Smart processes for innovative businesses undergoing digital transformation” and invests in innovative solutions and products. I believe that over the next few years IT investment will be the critical success factor for enabling every business to become a technology business.

Norbert Rotter


Norbert Rotter
Norbert Rotter
Chief Executive Officer

A qualified bank clerk, Norbert Rotter studied business administration at the University of Paderborn and the University of Limerick, Ireland. In 1995, he began his extensive career at the Bielefeld office of the global audit company KPMG Deutsche Treuhandgesellschaft AG, where he was responsible for audit and advisory services for SMEs and international corporations. Norbert Rotter sat examinations to become a tax advisor in 1999 and a certified German auditor (Wirtschaftsprüfer) in 2000. In 2000, he took up a position as manager at KPMG in New York, where he was responsible for advising German subsidiaries on the U.S. market. In 2004, he qualified as a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) for the U.S. market. Norbert Rotter has been a member of the Management Board of NTT DATA Business Solutions AG since January 1, 2008. As CFO, he was also in charge of the M&A division. Since 2008, NTT DATA Business Solutions AG has acquired around 20 companies that have been successfully integrated into the Group. Norbert Rotter has been the CEO of NTT DATA Business Solutions AG since July 1, 2016.

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