Індустрія: Chemicals, Healthcare and Life Science
Категорія: Cloud, SAP HANA
Royal Herkel
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Індустрія: Education
Категорія: SAP HANA
Newcastle University
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Індустрія: Industrial Machinery and Components
Категорія: Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Master Data Management, SAP HANA, SAP S/4HANA
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Індустрія: Consumer Products (food)
Категорія: Application Management Services
Kamps GmbH
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Індустрія: Retail
Категорія: Customer Service
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Індустрія: Service Providers
Категорія: Managed Cloud, SAP S/4HANA
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Індустрія: Manufacturing
Категорія: Cloud, Human Capital Management
Kingspan Group
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Індустрія: Consumer Goods (non-food)
Категорія: Application Management Services
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Індустрія: Engineering and Construction
Категорія: Cloud, Human Capital Management
Mercury Engineering
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Індустрія: Consumer Products (food)
Категорія: Manufacturing
Premier Foods
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Історії успіху клієнтів

Активні фільтри:
A market leader in fish and shellfish processing

The conversion and migration to S/4HANA was carried out very successfully, quickly, and smoothly.

A Wholesale Food Distributor Moves toward Real-Time Data with IT Managed Services

Working together closely, NTT DATA Business Solutions IT Managed Services and Cheney Brothers, Inc. (CBI) successfully migrated an existing database to SAP HANA within CBI’s tight downtime window.

Addison Lee

SAP BPC was implemented in this project to improve consolidation reporting for Addison Lee


Various SAP Solutions from SAP S/4HANA, SAP BusinessObjects, SAP fiori and NTT DATA Business Solutions IP. Read the case study to find out how this helped AESSEAL accelerate their business.


AGT started its activities in Antalya in 1984 with the dream of processing and developing the wood specifically for individuals and institutions with developing technology, operates today as one of the world's leading companies in the furniture components industry.


Agthia Group is a leading Abu Dhabi based food and beverage company. Agthia offers a world-class portfolio of integrated businesses providing high-quality and trusted food and beverage products for customers and consumers across the UAE, GCC, Turkey, and the wider Middle East.


As one of Turkey's most deep-rooted banking institutions, Akbank operates with more than 1,000 branches nationwide .


With annual production capacity of 9.5 million meters of fabric and 1982 employees, Altınyıldız holds the domestic market share of 45% and is among the world's leading wool industry companies.


With SAP BPC all master data work off the same basis, meaning for example that ‚subscription‘ accounting processes now use the same account numbers. One solution for all, with everyone using the same standardized reports for their business.


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