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Artificial intelligence-based contact detection and alert solution based on image recognition and scanning technology

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According to a study by the University of Massachusetts Amherst, a person who is carrying coronavirus and who disregards safe social distance guidelines can infect about 406 people per month. Designed and developed by NTT DATA Business Solutions Turkey, solution technology is based on real time streaming video from local cameras analyzed with Artificial Intelligence technology and it tracks safe social distance between people. The solution provides instant warning alarm when it detects an unusual situation in areas  and enables safe working places while diminishing the risks emerging from misconducted social distance regulations. .  solution aims to eliminate risks arising from social distance and protect the health of employees and prevent companies from inflicting financial losses due to various sanctions from factories to hospitals, schools to hotels, markets and airports. Thus, many companies that have resumed their activities are regaining a sustainable working environment.

When social distance is disregarded, 1 infected person can infect approximately 406 people per month. NTT DATA Business Solutions Turkey has developed an artificial intelligence-based contact detection and warning solution based on image recognition and scanning technology, focusing on eliminating risks arising from social distance where there is a need to work or be present together in the transition to the new norm. Demo

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