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Create a unique employee experience by supporting your employees' personal development such as certification and training.


Employees, as well as customers, adapt to digital changes evolving at the speed of light and expect their daily experiences within the company to be in line with technological developments and meet their expectations in today’s business life. The activities that will support the personal development of employees, such as certification and training, are carried out and followed through new-generation platforms. In this way, while real-time employee development and performance can be followed, detailed analysis and reporting can be carried out easily and effectively. Our it.perform & developR2R package solution helps you create an efficient working experience by centering the SAP SuccessFactors performance and development modules, a new generation human resources solution.


Maximum performance in a short time with it.perform&develop

We believe that transparent creation and effective management of employee performance, development process, and career roadmap are of great importance for the company’s continuity and employee experience. it.perform&developR2R, our SAP-Qualified Partner-Packaged solution that we offer as NTT DATA Business Solutions, includes “Performance and Goals Management” and “Succession and Development” modules of SAP SuccessFactors, which is an innovative human resources solution of SAP. Our package solution, which we put into live use in an average of 4-10 weeks, enables you to manage your end-to-end performance management and development processes in the most effective way.

SAP SuccessFactors – Succession & Development

In today’s competitive environment, internal position changes, managing the development and training processes of your new employees play an important role in Human Resources operations. Being able to manage your existing talents and the ability to develop the future of all your old and new employees together with talent management programs can provide a great advantage for employee loyalty. Innovative human resources solution, Succession & Development module of SAP SuccessFactors helps you manage talent management effectively in order to meet the needs of today’s business life while helping you minimize the risks that may arise with transparency and capacity planning.

The fastest adoption of the existing or newly joined workforce strategies and adaptation to the change in business processes is one of the main factors of success. Performance & Goals module provides effective workforce management by combining in-house strategies with employee target and performance management.

How it.perform&develop Package Solution Helps You

Different package options

With different package options, you can scale your investment according to the needs of your company and get the return on investment (ROI) very quickly. In this way, while providing your company with the inherent flexibility of digital transformation, you minimize the project risks. Another advantage of different package options is that you will be able to make your process efficient for all your performance and development processes between 4-10 weeks.

Transparent and unique employee experience

The innovative interface of SAP SuccessFactors offers a unique experience to users/employees and managers thanks to its fully integrated and transparent business processes. With the new generation applications and process methodologies included in the it.perform&develop solution, it enables employees to follow their performance and career paths from a single platform, transparent and detailed. It is possible for the managers to analyze the reports and analysis created with the help of consistent data within the centralized platform more effectively with user-friendly visuals.

Creating meaningful data on a single platform

It is much easier to transform the potential of employees into performance by creating transparent, fair, and professional processes through an end-to-end integrated platform. it.perform&developR2R package solution creates consistent and meaningful data on a single platform while supporting real-time reporting of all this data flow. Directors manage their decision-making processes more effectively and transparently thanks to detailed and real-time development and performance reports of employee profiles.

it.perform&develop Package Scope


It offers a suitable project structure for companies who want to build their performance and development processes from scratch and lay the foundations for creating a deep-rooted employee culture within the company. In this way, it is possible to create more transparent and detailed management of the profiles working within human resources and to create the infrastructure with minimum risk.


It offers the most appropriate project approach for companies who want to improve their existing performance and development culture, support them with an innovative infrastructure and emphasize employee experience. In addition, supporting the existing structure of the company with new generation human resources technologies, the company’s development and long-term strategies are effectively supported.


It helps to create a more advanced and detailed performance and development processes with the project structure, which includes advanced performance and development processes of the company, such as mentee mentor programs, detailed target and competency assessment over multiple forms, and advanced human resources process constructions.

How Our Customers Benefit from Us

Norm Holding

Norm Cıvata, founded in 1973 in Izmir, today ranks 13th in the “Top 100 Companies in the Aegean Region” list and 189th in “Turkey's Top 500 Enterprises” list, maintaining its leading position in the bolt industry with its production capacity and variety.


With 365 stores in 63 cities of Turkey, as well as 170 stores in more than 30 countries from Europe to North Africa, Penti offers its products to consumers in a total of 535 stores.


Koleksiyon, being one of Turkey’s most deep rooted furniture manufacturers established in 1972, continues its development today with stores in Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Antalya, Adana, Bodrum and Gaziantep in Turkey, with offices in EU countries, the Middle East and the USA.


MOPAŞ will catch the high speed of e-commerce in the world with digital transformation!

Bilkent Holding

Many of Turkey’s best-known brands and major players are part of Bilkent Holding. Comprising a total of over 20 companies across nine industries, the group’s scope of activities is far-reaching.

Tepe Home

Tepe Home identified SAP BusinessObjects Planning and Consolidation and NTT DATA Business Solutions as the right combination to achieve a more detailed and forward-looking analysis of their finances.


Besides being theTurkey’s greatest trailer manufacturer in terms of truck, curtainsiders, tarpaulins, chassis vehicles production; Tırsan is the official distributor of DAF in Turkey.

Hedef Grup

Besides its specialization in sales and distribution, Hedef Grup also has operations in production, retailing, tourism, telecommunication and foreign trade fields.


Established in 1989, Gursel Transportation provides services to 40,000 students, 150,000 personnel and  more than 500 institutions nationwide with its experienced driver team and over 5,000 vehicles.

Fenerbahçe Sports Club

With SAP ERP und Business Analytics, Fenerbahçe Sports Club has instant access to all the information it needs to make sound business decisions and ensure its professional players keep bringing home those trophies.

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