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With 3 Data Center in Turkey and 15 Data Center Worldwide We Benefit From Our Global Competence


With the rapid development of technology, business processes of companies change as well. With this change, data volume increases. Today, although companies manage to simplify their business processes with the help of technology, integration problems may occur during the process. Cloud-based information technology takes over all this burden from companies and bring easy management, speed, agility and cost advantage.

As NTT DATA Business Solutions Turkey, with it.cloud solution we provide end-to-end cloud-base support to SAP and/or non-SAP cloud services, Disaster Recovery as a Services in a private datacenter created specifically for your company. In all cloud solutions, we provide high security standards as well as all legal compliance such as EPDK, KVKK or GDPR and SPK. You determine the scale of the processes you will manage in the cloud, you can choose to manage any part of the processes in-house while performing some of the processes in the cloud. In addition, we manage your costs and processes that create manpower, time and resources in the cloud for you.

Service Level Agreement

3 Data Centers in Turkey, 15 Data Centers Globally

We offer wide variety of data center option to our clients globally and in Turkey depending on the preference of our customers. Our local data centers one located in İstanbul and one located in İzmir are built with great safety measures to make sure that our customers data activities are handled in highest level of security with highest level of performance. In the case that you decide to expand your operations, it usually takes 4 to 8 weeks to gather compliant equipment for SAP systems and this amount of time can be lethal in todays competition. With NTT DATA Business Solutions global existence we provide you service for such cases within 1 week. We provide private cloud and data center (private datacenter) service instead of public cloud service. We do not share our resources among our customers in any way. We assign special resources to each customer, we provide all these services with a single SLA (Service Level Agreement) and 99.9% uptime guarantee.

Single Contact for End-to-End Cloud Service

SAP Cloud Services

With the competence we have acquired as the world’s largest SAP partner for more than 30 years, we understand all your processes, including the implementation of SAP, and support you to carry out your processes with the highest performance in the cloud. Cloud-based informatics technology allows your processes to be carried out easily, with lower costs, faster and dynamically.

Non-SAP Cloud Services

Running your other third-party applications and processes on the cloud helps you minimize the complex structure between your processes. In our cloud-based support services, we use only hyper-integrated infrastructure architecture. In this way, we help you achieve high performance in cloud services by giving the input / output values (IOPs) per second at high levels.

IaaS – Infrastructure as a Services

We provide world-class cloud-based informatics technology infrastructure services in all our data centers, including Istanbul and Izmir. With our servers and processors certified by SAP; We offer infrastructure services such as virtualization, hardware, network and data center as one contact, as in every layer of the cloud services pyramid.

DRaaS – Disaster Recovery as a Services

Managing the Disaster Recovery (DR) System in-house can be costly and demanding. As we carry out all your cloud-based informatics processes, we take maximum measures with our Disaster Recovery Services (DRaaS) that may occur during these processes. In order to be more secure in the cloud, whether within the borders of Turkey, whether within our data centers located in 12 locations worldwide, we provide geographical redundancy.

itelligence Cloud Services

Managed Cloud - Secure and Transparent Cloud Solution Management

The ever-increasing number of cloud solutions brings several challenges for IT departments. It leads to a system infrastructure consisting of many different cloud applications and increasingly complex. Hosting services and cloud platforms are integrated while receiving various cloud solutions from many different suppliers. Managing such multi-cloud environments is very complicated and requires additional IT support.

As NTT DATA Business Solutions, we manage your cloud solutions which are difficult to manage in different platforms on your behalf. You can be completely flexible and decide which jobs you want to handle within your organization. While doing this, you do not pay for the services you do not need. With many years of experience, we support you at every stage, from strategic consulting and cloud roadmap to application data integration, long-term application to user support.

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How Our Customers Benefit from Us


With 365 stores in 63 cities of Turkey, as well as 170 stores in more than 30 countries from Europe to North Africa, Penti offers its products to consumers in a total of 535 stores.


Driven by Digital Transformation, Silverline Plans its Future


Koleksiyon, being one of Turkey’s most deep rooted furniture manufacturers established in 1972, continues its development today with stores in Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Antalya, Adana, Bodrum and Gaziantep in Turkey, with offices in EU countries, the Middle East and the USA.

Savcan Textile

Established in 1987 in Bursa, a capital of textiles, Savcan Textile Group has been active in the textiles and ready-to-wear clothing industry in Turkey and many areas of Europe for over 30 years.

Bilkent Holding

Many of Turkey’s best-known brands and major players are part of Bilkent Holding. Comprising a total of over 20 companies across nine industries, the group’s scope of activities is far-reaching.

Tepe Home

Tepe Home identified SAP BusinessObjects Planning and Consolidation and NTT DATA Business Solutions as the right combination to achieve a more detailed and forward-looking analysis of their finances.


Besides being theTurkey’s greatest trailer manufacturer in terms of truck, curtainsiders, tarpaulins, chassis vehicles production; Tırsan is the official distributor of DAF in Turkey.

Sarten Packaging

Having started metal packaging production in 1972 at its factory in Çorlu, Sarten offers products to various industries such as canned food, cooking oil, aerosols, pesticides, lubricants, and paint with its 12 factories.

Reis Makina

Operating as the distributor of Makita and Dolmar, Reis Makina is one of the world’s biggest electric home appliances supplier in the machinery industry.

Hedef Grup

Besides its specialization in sales and distribution, Hedef Grup also has operations in production, retailing, tourism, telecommunication and foreign trade fields.

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