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Always Be Prepared with End-to-End Testing

Along with the increase in rapidly advancing technologies, the number of systems and applications that are being deployed is also growing. Checking your applications and systems in order to make sure that they are smooth running with full capacity and performing, tests are of great importance for seamless structural management. In manually performed tests, not only high rates of error are observed, but it is also difficult to obtain outcomes that reflect reality.

The Functional Testing (UFT Family) solution by Micro Focus, which we are a Gold Partner, enables you to examine and control the true potential of your applications and systems with the most accurate metrics and develop them in line with the requirements of your processes. You can observe possible future scenarios with the  Performance and Load Testing (LoadRunner Family) solution and test the extent to which your infrastructure’s performance is ready for the future.


Functional Testing Solution Family (UFT Family)

Micro Focus Functional Testing solution family (UFT Family) eliminates problems such as project delays and inability in order to detect possible bottlenecks and errors, as well as integration problems. As it offers you a smooth project experience, it enables you to always keep one step ahead. It can be challenging to control problems that may be encountered in SAP or non-SAP systems and such problems can negatively impact many systems. The Functional Testing solution family enables end-to-end smooth processes, systems, and successful projects.


UFT One offers smart test automation for your web and mobile services, APIs, and applications. It enables you to achieve simplicity, as well as time and effort savings in your test processes. It offers flexible testing structure with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. It supports over 200 SAP and non-SAP applications. As it enables you to simultaneously test various infrastructures, it also offers a broad integration ecosystem.

UFT Mobile

UFT Mobile supports you to detect, improve, monitor, and optimally manage your system errors via a centralized and easily accessible structure. It enables continuous development and analysis and minimizes the time spent on these efforts. Thanks to its mobile device lab, testing and development teams can perform the necessary actions without having to physically connect to “Workstation” sites.

UFT Developer

By taking into account environmental conditions at every phase of a project, it enables “Shift-Left” testing. This way, errors can be tested without having to wait until the end of the project. As it accelerates the implementation of tests, it also offers support with a structure that enhances coding quality. It also enables parallel testing to quickly detect bottlenecks.

Service Virtualization

This solution allows you to discover, design, and simulate your user-independent services and APIs. It helps you to improve your test quality and achieve a measurable and secure testing process through realistic data. By eliminating the need for third party software, it offers a simple and lower-cost structure.


Performance and Load Testing Solution Family (LoadRunner Family)

The performance of your applications and infrastructures are among the factors that directly and indirectly impact customer experience and loyalty. With Micro Focus Performance and Load Testing Solution Family (LoadRunner Family), you can test your web-based and/or mobile-based platforms and applications with complex load and stress tests and observe them with performance-based scenarios. The solution family offers a high-level analysis and reporting capacity through real-time, online, or offline monitoring.  You can upgrade the performance of your running applications and systems and deliver a high-level customer experience with the LoadRunner Family.

LoadRunner Professional

This solution offers high-level performance testing with a simple structure through the widest protocol and application range in the market. It estimates platform and infrastructure performance and capacity based on consistent data and realistic load and stress scenarios. It also enables cost advantages thanks to its centralized and scalable structure.

LoadRunner Enterprise

It enables your teams in various locations across the globe to perform load and performance testing via a single screen within a centralized structure. As it helps you to establish a holistic performance engineering structure, it also enables the management of test results from a single point and in a collaborative manner. With this solution, you can execute network virtualization on a global scale and performance measurements without the need for any additional inputs or software.

LoadRuner Cloud

The cloud-based load and performance testing solution LoadRunner Cloud offers significant advantages with its scalable structure, low-cost hardware, and shorter detection time. Your team can take advantage of loads, management tools, and displays that meet the needs of your business in a cloud environment without having to deal with test infrastructures and adaptations.

LoadRunner Developer

Offering the opportunity of “Shift-Left” performance testing with its next-generation interfaces and modern structure, this solution enables you to outline and build the framework for performance testing, run the test and quickly analyze the outcomes without having to leave the development ecosystem. It offers an efficient testing environment thanks to its seamless integration with any IDE or CI.


We Support You for an Error-Free and Smooth Testing Process Management

As NTT DATA Business Solutions, we have implemented many successful projects in over 30 years.  We are living in the world of advancing technology, and we offer our support in enabling your business and processes to run with full capacity with the optimum and best-fitting technologies.

We anticipate the requirements of your industry and scale and support your business with the most suitable applications and solutions. As a Gold Partner of Micro Focus, we have an in-depth understanding of its technologies and applications and address them in line with your business needs to reveal the true potential of your processes and projects through test automation solutions.

Micro Focus IT Service Management (ITSM)

End-to-End Management of Help Desk and IT Service Management on a Single Platform

The next-generation solutions offered by Micro Focus’ ITSM solution SMAX significantly relieve the burden of your IT staff. Supporting the automation of repetitive tasks and efficient time management, this solution enables you to minimize human errors and reduce open Tickets. Thanks to its user-friendly interface enabling your employees to easily request support, it enables time and effort savings.

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