Reduce human-induced errors in your processes, eliminate losses and costs. We are ready to serve you with our e-Solutions product family.


While digital transformation is primarily aimed at improving production-only processes, companies aim to improve their smallest processes and increase efficiency with new generation technologies. Today, it has become imperative for the competitive environment in order to follow developments and adapt digitalization to business processes. The e-Solution applications, which are determined by the Revenue Administration Department and developed in accordance with the legal structure, are of great importance for legal compliance while allowing you to minimize all your stationery, time and manpower costs in your processes. With e-Solutions such as e-Invoicee-Statemente-Archivee-Ledger, reduce human errors in processes to zero, thereby eliminate the costs and losses that may occur.


With e-Invoice solution, the framework is determined by the Revenue Administration Department (GİB), you can achieve a cost advantage by reducing your operational load such as paper, ink, envelopes, mailing, archiving and reconciliation. If you use e-Fatura, you can create invoices whenever you need and archive them.


The solution will help you get rid of jobs such as page printing and validation, limit ink and printer costs, and store your information securely without the hassle of storing your notebooks for a long time.


This solution enables processes such as the creation, storage and reporting of invoices in any format from a single center. With its transparent and real-time traceability feature, it allows minimizing human errors.


The solution moves dispatches of companies to the digital environment. Thus, it brings speed and efficiency to processes.


Would you like to access all your bank transactions simultaneously from your ERP system as you enter internet banking? Moreover, without getting into the username, password, token! You can automatically account all of your records without any user intervention.


Everything about reconciliation is in this solution! Current balance reconciliation, current account deficit reconciliation, form B reconciliation, warning notice, announcement (Address, Tax office, Tax number etc.), automatic statement comparison (file upload, download, editing) with the help of instant interaction via the system.


First declaration program fully integrated with SAP! It ensures that the declarations notified to the Revenue Administration are received in appropriate formats via SAP.

Online DDS (Direct Debiting System)

It works fully integrated with SAP, no separate portal or program is required. Your communication with the bank is online. If a dealer works with more than one bank, the bank can be prioritized and ranked, in case of a bank without limit, the next bank is automatically switched to.

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