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Business Driven HR Transformation with SAP SuccessFactors

The HR Team at Quorn introduced SAP SuccessFactors in order to automate processes and generate efficiencies.

Quorn Food

David Bigley, IT Director, Quorn Foods

The HR implementation was smooth with sensitive data relating to employee and payroll treated with care. Our global teams are now reaping the rewards of a fully modernised and integrated HR solution.

Employees: 950

Turnover: £224M

Products: Vegetarian and Vegan Meals


  • Running a legacy system with support ceasing at the end of the financial year
  • Outdated systems and processes that don’t provide the agility and experience the modern workforce demands
  • Highly manual, inefficient paper-based HR processes
  • Lack of oversight and reporting abilities with a fast-growing workforce in the UK and globally



  • Automated processes that generate HR efficiencies and better employee experiences
  • Empowered employees and managers with an enhanced user experience that presents simplified, intuitive and self-service features
  • Simple and consistent processes across HR, payroll, and time and benefits management
  • Analytics that provide one source of truth for HR data globally


SAP SuccessFactors – Employee Central, Payroll and Performance & Goals modules

Marlow Foods is the manufacturer of the leading meat-free brands, Quorn and Cauldron. Their delicious food is healthy for both the planet and its people, with protein cultivated from non-animal sources. Their 2030 ambition is to be a net positive business that provides 8 billion servings of food every year, the equivalent of one serving for every person on Planet Earth.

Having completed their journey to SAP S/4HANA with NTT DATA Business Solutions, the company was on an accelerated growth-track and with a workforce growing exponentially, the company turned their attention to their legacy HR Information System (HRIS) which was reaching end of life. With an immediate need to replace the system, the team completed a full market review of potential new solutions to suit their requirements.

Quorn Foods were seeking a best-in-class cloud HRIS which could be quickly deployed and capable of serving a growing, international workforce. With these factors in mind,
SAP SuccessFactors was chosen as the new HR solution.

Specifically, Quorn Foods chose NTT DATA Business Solutions’ Ready2Run Solution – a ready-made business blueprint for HR Transformation. The solution included a pre-defined and rapid implementation approach of SAP SuccessFactors with pre-configured templates and an HR process library that would get the system up and running within months. Modernisation was high on the agenda of Quorn’s HR and IT teams. With many HR processes still involving manual, staff-intensive, paper-based activities, enhancing employee experiences with leading-edge automated HR workflows and self-service was key.

The importance of self service

With a third of Quorn’s UK workers not desk-based and with no access to the Corporate network, one of the biggest benefits to Quorn was the SAP SuccessFactors mobile application, which enables all staff to access and update information on their own devices.

The team launched SAP SuccessFactors with three initial modules and have developed a roadmap for the future aligned to their biggest priorities.

Module 1 - Employee Central

The Employee Central module provides a hub for all employee personal and employment information. Now live at Quorn, it provides their employees with the ability to update personal information and book time off work. Managers have a complete overview of their teams’ information and time off, and also benefit from regularly updated and localised HR-related legal updates which help them to remain compliant. Employee Central also provides Quorn with an interactive organisation chart which details roles and reporting lines.

Module 2 - Employee Central Payroll

The SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central Payroll solution now helps Quorn to make payments to its workforce in a timely and efficient way by automating and accelerating payment processing, reducing the risk of errors, and simplifying payroll management. All payslips and financial documents are now delivered to employees online, rather than as paper-based documents.

Module 3 - Performance & Goals

Now rolled out globally, the module has removed the need for paper-based performance management. All teams now follow a standardised process, setting objectives at the start of the year. They are then prompted by the system to complete middle and end of year reviews. One particular benefit to Quorn is that the solution enables the HR team to measure performance against the organisation’s expected behaviours. They now also have oversight of how all areas are progressing, with built-in analytics enabling ease of reporting.

Why NTT DATA Business Solutions?

  • NTT DATA Business Solutions understand the business and industry
  • A positive experience working with NTT DATA Business Solutions when we moved to SAP S/4HANA
  • Adopted the Ready2Run packaged solution with pre-configured templates for a rapid implementation of SAP SuccessFactors
  • Highly knowledgeable HR Consultants with valuable SAP SuccessFactors deployment expertise

More about SAP SuccessFactors

What’s next on the roadmap?

The team are currently assessing the SAP SuccessFactors Recruitment & Onboarding and Succession & Development modules, as they look to further transform their HR processes.

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