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GROW with SAP is a new offering in the SAP portfolio. Its purpose is the fast and uncomplicated implementation of SAP S/4HANA Cloud for medium-sized businesses that do not yet have an ERP system in place.

GROW with SAP: Key Questions and Answers

When a company grows and reaches the limits of its current ERP system, there is a need for an easy-to-implement, scalable state-of-the-art ERP solution. GROW with SAP has been designed specifically for this situation. This new offering allows small and medium-sized companies to implement SAP particularly quickly – especially if the preconfigured and standardized processes are used.

Our Vision on S/4HANA Public Cloud
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What Is GROW with SAP and What Does It Include?

Based on the model of RISE with SAP and largely featuring the same components, the new offering is aimed at medium-sized companies that want to implement a cloud ERP solution.

GROW with SAP combines the public edition of SAP S/4HANA Cloud  with adoption and acceleration services, preconfigured best practices, embedded AI and automation functions, and the SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP). SAP’s announcement of March 21, 2023 also mentioned SAP Build – a low-code/no-code development environment that allows users to implement their own process refinements and small functional additions without coding.

Which Editions Will Be Available?

GROW with SAP will be available in two editions – base and premium:

  • “Base” includes preconfigured end-to-end processes for procure to pay, order to cash, and finance.
  • “Premium” includes the base edition and offers additional financial functions frequently used by the market, such as cash management, accelerated month-end closing, and consolidation functions.

With this range of functions, GROW with SAP is equivalent to the previous offering of “RISE with SAP S/4HANA Cloud Public Edition”.

However, “acceleration services” can now be added as well. These include up to 75 predefined business processes (scope items) for your industry. SAP will provide you with a system preconfigured in this way within four weeks of an order being placed. On this basis, an implementation project will then be launched with us as the SAP cloud partner.

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What Is the Difference between RISE with SAP and GROW with SAP?

GROW with SAP is a strategic package for companies looking for a cloud ERP solution that can be implemented quickly, securely, and cost-effectively. This package is a public cloud solution only offered in this operating model.

The key technical difference between the two offerings is that GROW with SAP focuses on the public cloud, while RISE with SAP also offers other operating models (private cloud, public cloud, hybrid). Privat cloud and on-premises operating models allow for greater customization but require companies to be more involved in technical matters.

When using a public cloud edition operating model, multiple customers share infrastructure and software on a public cloud. This offers the advantage of straightforward scalability. The solution is hosted and operated directly by SAP.

In contrast to the private edition of SAP S/4HANA Cloud which allows more customized processes, the classic ABAP (Advanced Business Application Programming) extensions are not available in the public edition. Extensions can be created via the SAP BTP.

What Are the Advantages of GROW with SAP?

GROW with SAP uses preconfigured best practices that can be adopted immediately. This makes it easier to set up a fully fledged ERP system on a public cloud. Consequently, SAP also refers to the new offering as a “ready-to-run cloud ERP solution”.

In short: GROW with SAP provides a ready-to-run cloud ERP solution – including a predictable, accelerated implementation.

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For Whom Is GROW with SAP Suitable?

In principle, the new package is suitable for all medium-sized companies or small and medium-sized corporate subsidiaries that plan to move to the cloud, while adopting a high level of standardization and focusing on best practices.

The decision between GROW with SAP, RISE with SAP or another implementation model is influenced by the application scenarios, the process requirements, and the willingness to commit to standards:

  • For those who need little customization and can use a preconfigured ERP system, GROW with SAP provides rapid, uncomplicated access to the benefits offered by the cloud ERP world.
  • Those who need custom processes are better off opting for RISE with SAP and should plan for a longer project that will provide an ERP system tailored exactly to their company.
Smart One Public Cloud - Grow with SAP
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Smart One Public Cloud - Grow with SAP

Smart One Public Cloud - Grow with SAP

NTT DATA Business Solutions (Thailand) provides Smart One Cloud ERP for The Manufacturing™, an SAP-qualified partner-packaged solution powered by “RISE with SAP S/4HANA Cloud”. Smart One Cloud ERP for The Manufacturing Package offering helps make the intelligent enterprise a reality and simplifies the move to the cloud and helps in removing the business complexity effectively, the package also includes all-in user-based pricing and hyperscaler infrastructure allow quick scaling while eliminating sticky Capital Expenditures (CAPEX) and in-house deployment costs. With Cloud-based deployment allows for much faster implementation and realization of business benefits, typically start from 20 weeks, depending on the complexity.


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