Inteligentný predaj

Online chatboty dokážu obslúžiť veľké množstvo zákazníkov bez čakania. Napriek ich nesporným výhodám bežné chatboty pri konverzácii často pôsobia neosobne.

S naším partnerom Kia Motors sme chatbota z internetu preniesli priamo do prostredia maloobchodnej predajne a dali sme mu ľudskú podobu. Týmto spôsobom vieme zákazníkom ponúknuť pútavú a personalizovanú interakciu podobnú komunikácii s človekom.

Porozprávajme sa

Je možné vylepšiť zákaznícky zážitok preklenutím priepasti medzi umelou inteligenciou a ľuďmi?

Mark Albrecht, vedúci pre inovatívne technológie v našej spoločnosti, vysvetľuje, ako avatar v ľudskej podobe dokáže dať osobnosť encyklopedickým a technickým produktovým vedomostiam uloženým v cloude.

Flexibilné obsadzovanie pozícií

Pressure from online retail means tighter margins at brick-and-mortar shops. Stores have responded by cutting staff. But while staff reductions reduce costs, fewer knowledgeable salespeople make for diminished customer experiences.

The idea: Use SAP HANA, SAP Conversational AI, and IBM’s Watson to create a lifelike, human avatar that’s both engaging to speak with and up to date on every detail of every product.

There are multiple industries where we can use an avatar, and I personally think they will change future business life, both for us and the customer,

Thomas Noermark, Director, Innovation & Technology

The Tech: NTT DATA Business Solutions Middleware

Imagine a wheel with NTT DATA Business Solutions at the center. The spokes of that wheel are the various cutting-edge technologies we needed for Kia Mia to function. Quantum Capture and Qlik provided the visuals for our product. SAP’s Conversational AI gave her the ability to speak. SAP HANA and IBM’s Watson added the data and question-answering capability for her to think and remember.

The sum of these parts was a human-like chatbot with endless product knowledge, who looks customers in the eyes, never gives a canned answer, and remembers where her previous conversations left off.

Kia Mia to the Point

Our project needed a certain tech-oriented partner, and when Kia Motors’s came onboard, we were thrilled. We knew customers interested in Kia’s new electric car, the e-Niro, would be open minded enough to engage with a new kind of customer support colleague. We called her Kia Mia. She’s friendly, engaging, and can answer any question you might have about e-Niro – literally. When she made the finals of the 2019 SAP Innovation Awards, we couldn’t have been prouder.

Kia Mia is an example of how we can innovate for better customer experiences right now.

That’s innovation to the point.

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Every innovation project is a story of its own. Co-innovate with NTT DATA Business Solutions and write yours now!

Kia Mia is only one example of how we transfer our experiences with machine learning and human interface technology into new endeavors. We’re constantly on the lookout for projects where our experience might make the difference between good idea and great product.

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